Volume 5 Issue 10
May 1999


Trails, Treks, and Tracks
by Russell Butler
Simon Kenton Council

Cub 1: We are suppose to be learning how to do tracking today. Do you guys know how to track?
Cub 2: I have never done any tracking.
Cub 3: Me neither.
Cub 4: I have. I once tracked a wild slimer for six hours.
Cub 1: What happened?
Cub 4: I tracked the slimer north for two hours.
Cub 2: Then what happened?
Cub 4: Then he turned west and I tracked him for another hour.
Cub 3: What happened next?
Cub 4: For the next three hours the slimer back tracked on himself, circled around and finally ended up going south.
Cub 1: Wow, how far did you end up tracking the wild slimer.
Cub 4: About three feet, snails get really tired after that.

The Train
Greater St. Louis Area Council

Two boys walking across stage, shining their flashlights down.

#1: Look, bear tracks!
#2: There aren't any bears around here. Those are raccoon tracks.
#1: Those are BEAR TRACKS.
#2: They can't be.
#1: I know what bear tracks look like. And those are bear tracks.
#2: Raccoon tracks!
#1: Bear tracks!
#2: Raccoon tracks1
(Boys start arguing and wrestling, as other boys forming train start across the stage. The first boy of the train carries a flashlight to simulate the headlight of the train.)

Wash Day
credit to Jack Gallagher 2nd Cole harbour E Colony Beavers Atlantic View Area Dartmouth NS
sent by Dale Kelly (Mommy to 3 and Nanny to 1) 1st Cole Harbour Pack, 2nd Bel Ayr Brownies & AAC Colony
JOTT Co Hike Chief http://www.csclub.uwaterloo.ca/u/lkmorlan/JOTT/

This skit is appropriate for all ranks
Leader and Youth repeat together:

dip dip dip in the bright blue cheer (kids dip hands up and down in front of them)
rinse rinse rinse in the water so cleer (kids hold up invisible clothes)
Put it to your nose (smell it big intake)
Smells like a rose (kids ahhhhh, fold up article add to invisible pile)
Leader: ok beavers now that our uniform is done, lets do our socks
repeat above
Leader great job lets do our pants, etc... 2 or more articles
Leader now that our laundry is done for the week, Akela ( or other sucker, I mean leader at the campfire!) could maybe use some help, he is soooo busy..
Lets start with his socks. (Pretent to reach over for leaders socks)
OK here goes
dip dip etc.. (see above)
put it to your nose (YUCK!!!!)
dip dip dip in the bright blue cheer, repeat 2 or 3 times till audience finished laughing

Hiking--The Scout Way
Sam Houston Area Council

Den Chief: Okay, guys. Is everybody ready to go hiking? (Boys start hiking up their socks..)
Den Chief: What are you doing? I said HIKING! Are you ready to go HIKING?
Boys: Yes, we're hiking up our socks, our shorts, you know.
Den Chief: No, no, no. Hiking. Hiking, don't you know -- HIKING!
Boys: Oh, year!
Boy #1: (takes football from behind his back; boys line up to begin play) Hike one, hike two, hike three.
Den Chief: No, no, no! HI-KING, HI-KING, HI-KING. Come on guys. Get with it!
Boy #2: (Walks by with crown on head.)
Boys: Hi, King!
Den Chief: No, no, no! Hiking, walking, Scout stuff. You know --hiking!
Boys: Oh, why didn't you say so? (Walk off stage hiking with den leader.

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