Volume 5 Issue 10
May 1999


Circle 10 Council

Our pioneer forefathers found and followed many trails. The Native Americans explored the country first. European settlers followed. With each new person came new experiences and new challenges.
Cub 1: Our trail is the Cubbing trail!
Cub 2: Our experience is the fun and adventure of Cub Scouting.
Cub 3: Our challenge is to be good Scouts, friends and neighbors.
Cub 4: Our future is to explore the world around us, moving up the trail from Cubs to Webelos and then to Boy Scouts!

Cubmaster: Let's join together in singing "Happy Trails to You."

The melody can be found at the following web page where I found the words:

The Roy Rogers Show (Happy Trails)
Words and Music by Dale Evans

Some trails are happy ones, others are blue
It's the way you ride the trail that counts
Here's a happy one for you...

Happy trails to you
Until we meet again
Happy trails to you
Keep smilin' until then
Happy trails to you

Who cares about the clouds when we're together
Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather
Happy trails to you, til we meet again

Extend Thy Hand

National Capital Area Council

During a hike in the woods, a troop of Boy Scouts came across an abandoned section of railroad track. Each, in turn, tried walking the rails but eventually lost his balance and tumbled off.

Suddenly, two of the boys, after considerable whispering, offered to bet they could both walk the entire length of the track without falling off. Challenged to make good their boasts, the two boys jumped up on opposite rails, extended a hand to balance each other, and walked the entire section of track with no difficulty whatever.

There, in a nutshell, is a principle of modern business and community living. The day of the hermit and the lone wolf is gone forever. We do things better, we produce more, and we live better by helping each other.

Those who lend a helping hand benefit themselves at the same time they help others.

The reverse is also true. When we don't help each other, when we don't cooperate, the whole system starts to rattle and shake. When there's no cooperation -- no spirit of the helping hand freely given -- what might have been pleasant jobs become grudging chores.

Cubmaster's Minute - A Tree is a Good Scout
Northeast Georgia Council

Did you ever pause to think about how helpful a tree is? It provides a nesting place for birds, shade from the sun, and protection from the rain. It discards its dead branches, thus providing wood for fires and cooking food. A tree adds beauty to the countryside and to camping areas. We must admit that a tree gives a lot more that it receives. We can learn a lesson from the tree by doing our best to always be helpful to others and by putting our fellow Scouts first and ourselves second. Remember the lesson we learn from the tree- - - to give to others more than we receive.

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