Volume 5 Issue 9
April 1999


Tiger Cub
Tiger Cub Opening
Simon Kenton Council
Each Tiger Cub holds a poster with a letter on it. After he shouts his letter, his adult partner reads the statement matching the letter.

T is for the TEAM, the Tiger team, a boy and his adult partner having fun together.
I is for the INTRODUCTION, showing us what Cub Scouts is all about.
G is for GOOD TIMES, having fun together as a den and with your family.
E is for EXPLORING, searching out new things to see and do.
R is for READY, ready for new adventures together as a team.
S is for SHARING, taking time to talk to each other about fun things we have done.

Big Idea #5- Know Your Family

Greater St. Louis Area Council

Purpose: Gives you a chance to explore your family's heritage, background, and structure. But it also gives you an opportunity to express to one another what makes you feel good - what makes you feel bad - all of you. It also aids in his understanding of other family members and their feelings.

Time Capsules
Greater St. Louis Area Council

Empty oatmeal containers
Time capsule items
Colored paper

Cover oatmeal container with paper and decorate as desired.
Put items in container to represent time in their lives. Can include such items as photographs, fingerprints, drawings, messages, etc.

A tiger/partner capsule can be made.

It is suggested that the capsule be used through Scouting and displayed at his Arrow of Light Ceremony AND his Eagle Court of Honor.

Pie Plate Contest
Greater St. Louis Area Council

Adult partner tries to balance a pie plate on his/her head while Tiger Cub tries to place three marbles in it. No hands allowed!

Marshmallow Eating Contest
Greater St. Louis Area Council

Tie marshmallow on long string. Adult partner holds the end of the string so that marshmallow is slightly swinging in the air. Tiger Cub puts hands behind back and tries to eat the marshmallow. To add a twist, after all of the boys have eaten their marshmallow, switch! The boys hold the string and the adults (on their knees, please) try to eat the marshmallow.

Greater St. Louis Area Council
Big Idea #14- Family, Games, Tricks, Puzzles

Purpose: Part of the goal of this big idea is to have boys learn to become both good winners and good losers as well. In addition, this Big Idea will teach then how to play by the rules and how to follow instructions. It also holds the opportunity for boys to develop patience as they work to solve a puzzle or invent a game.

Things to Try
Play marbles or Chinese Checkers
Have a paper airplane contest. Design, build and fly your creations.
Using a jigsaw puzzle with large pieces, have a puzzle race.

As your Tigers are graduating in the next month or two I will put in ideas for this momentous occasion through June.

Big Idea #17 Cub Scouting Here We Come
Heart of America Council

Opening: Recite the Tiger Cub Promise
Search: Invite the Cubmaster to attend the meeting. Discuss plans for graduation.
Discover: Have the Cubmaster talk about Cub Scouting and all Pack Activities.
Share: Share what the Tiger Cub and adult partner has enjoyed most over the last year.
Closing: Recite the Cub Scout Promise.

Guideposts for Living
A Closing Ceremony for Tiger
Greater St. Louis Area Council

As we prepare to leave tonight, let us light this large orange candle and reflect over these guideposts for living.

I will do more than belong
I will participate.
I will do more than care.
I will help.|
I will do more than believe.
I will practice.
I will do more than be fair.
I will be kind.
I will do more than dream,
I will work.
I will do more than teach,
I will inspire.
I will do more than learn,
I will enrich.
I will do more than give,
I will serve.
I will do more than live,
I will grow.
I will do more than be friendly,
I will be a friend.
I will do more than be a citizen
I will be a patriot.

Now, as we go out to SEARCH, DISCOVER AND SHARE as a Tiger Cub Team within the Tiger Cub Group our candle burns brightly, reflecting our excitement and enthusiasm. May it continue to burn brightly until we meet again.

Tiger Cub Graduation
Path of a New Challenge

Greater St. Louis Area Council

Personnel Required:

Den Leader
Tiger Cub Group Coach
Den Chief

1 tall white candle in center of table
3 black candles at one end of table
3 orange candles at the other end of table
Rope, string or crepe paper to make a bridge
8 pieces of construction paper
Graduation certificate for each Tiger
Wolf book for each Tiger

(On the 8 pieces of paper, write the Sign, Handshake, Motto, Salute, Promise, Law, Webelos and the Arrow of Light symbol. Place them on the floor of the bridge in such a way to make walking on them difficult for a Tiger Cub.

CM: Tonight we honor our Tiger Cubs. Will our Tiger Cub Group Coach please introduce our Tigers and their Adult Partners?

(Tigers and Adults come forward).
TC: (Lights white candle). White is for the purity of living. (Lights black candle). Black is for the unknown, the fear and doubts. (Lights orange candles). Orange is for knowledge, joy and confidence.
These are the colors of the Tigers. You have completed the tenure of the Tiger Cub Program. Adults, here is the patch for your Tigers to wear on their right pocket. Here too, is the certificate for all to see. As your Tiger Cub Group Coach, I bid you farewell and show you the path of a new challenge - the challenge of Cub Scouts. Each step you take tells you what you must learn, so you can earn your next rank. Walk the bridge of Cub Scouts and meet your new leaders.
(At the end stand the Cubmaster, Den Leader and Den Chief).
(The Den Leader puts the Wolf neckerchief on each Tiger Cub as he finishes crossing. The Den Chief hands each Tiger the Wolf Book).
CM: Congratulations on achieving this goal. As you crossed this bridge, you may have noticed that the path was not easy for you. Life is full of challenges, but I will only ask that you always do your best in whatever you do in your daily life. Your Den Leader and Den Chief stand before you, ready to lead you on your next adventure.
DL: This is your next challenge. Read and do each requirement on the trail of the Bobcat. When you have completed these eight requirements, you will have earned your Bobcat badge.

Sing together (Tune: Jingle Bells)

Tiger Cubs, Tiger Cubs,
We have lots of fun!
Big Ideas for Everyone
That's how it is done.

Learn the promise and the motto,
"Search, Discover, Share."
Oh, what fun it is to be
A Tiger Cub like me!

Tiger Cub Graduation Ceremony
Simon Kenton Council
written by Maggie Jones, Arapahoe District

Equipment: A large box made like a doorway (or blanket or curtain). A pot with dry ice and some water to make it smoke in doorway.

Akela: (Calling the boys and parents forward.) You have taken part in the past few months in the Tiger Cub Motto; Search, Discover, Share. Together you will join the Cub Scout family. Together you will grow and learn new things while earning each badge. You will support and strengthen your Cub Scouting and own family in each step that is taken. Your parents will help and support you in each step of your journey.

Before you step through together the doorway of Cub Scouting you must make a promise to the Pack. The most important part of this promise is to "Do Your Best. You will be expected to do your best in everything you do, including Cub Scouts, at home and in school. Will you make the Cub Scout Promise with me? (Demonstrate the sign and lead them in a repeat after me fashion through the Promise.)

Parents, as you step through the doorway of Cub Scouting with your son, you will be accepting the parental responsibilities of Cub Scouting. If you are willing to accept the responsibilities, signify by saying, "I will."

Please face your son, place your left hand on his shoulder, give the Cub Scout sign with your right hand and repeat after me:
I promise to do my best to help my son to be a good Cub Scout, to encourage him to fulfill the Cub Scout promise and obey the Law of the Pack. I promise to assist him in his Cub Scout achievements and electives, to cooperate with the den leader, Cubmaster, and Pack Committee members, and to participate actively in Cub Scouting.

Parents, I urge you to seal your promise with your special sign of affection. (Call boys one at a time with his parents to step through the doorway. Boy should go first and have his Cub Scout shirt slipped on while he is inside the doorway. Proceed when each family has crossed through.)

As you can see, you now have a son who is ready to join the tribe. Please help him by presenting him with his Wolf neckerchief. (Parents put neckerchiefs on boy.) Pack, these new Bobcats have joined our pack. See them, get to know them, protect them, for now they are your brothers.


Below is a song you might remember from the January issue. Robin, a leader, from North Carolina sent me an additional verse. The original version and the new verse follows:

This song was written by:
Paula Amnott-Tanguma
Austin, TX / Capitol Area Council
Pack 419 CC & newsletter editor


Tiger's Tail

(Sung to "If You're Happy and You Know It..."
If you pull a tiger's tail will he yell? (EE-YOW!)
If you pull a tiger's tail will he yell? (EE-YOW!)
If you pull a tiger's tail
Will he holler, yip and yell?
If you pull a tiger's tail will he yell? (EE-YOW!)

If you stroke a tiger's fur will he purr? (PURR PURR)
If you stroke a tiger's fur will he purr? (PURR PURR)
If you stroke a tiger's fur
Will he cuddle up and purr?
If you stroke a tiger's fur will he purr? (PURR PURR)

We're the Tiger Cubs from Pack 419.
We hoped you found our song mighty fine.
This is our time to shine
And we had a real good time.
We're the Tiger Cubs from Pack 419.

The boys could all get up there and sing it all together, including the parts in parentheses. Or, you could "act it out" with seven boys. Basically, all the boys sing the main parts of the line. One boy will be behind a line of the other six. He starts behind the first, and when they get to "will he yell" he pulls on either an imaginary or a prop tail attached to the first boy, who then makes the yell by himself. It might even be funny to have him jump when he yells. (Did that make sense?) The "instigator" then moves on to the next boy and does the same thing. On the "Purr" verse, he can pat each of the last three boys on the head. After making his way to the end of the line, he steps out to the end of the line for the last verse.

Well, I am sure that is as clear as mud. Here is an alternate last verse for packs with "0" as the last number...

We're the Tiger Cubs from Pack xx0.
We hope that you have enjoyed the show.
We help the pack to go
And the pack helps us to grow.
We're the Tiger Cubs from Pack xx0.

And the new verse sent by Robin Wabnitz, Pack 306, Waynesville, NC
We have come up with an alternate final verse that can be used by Packs with their number ending in 6. (There is a verse on the web page if the number is 9 or 0).
We're the Tiger Cubs from Pack 306.

We hope our show has given many kicks.
When it comes to fun and tricks
We're the den that never quits
We're the Tiger Cubs from Pack 306.

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