Volume 5 Issue 9
April 1999


Simon Kenton Council

Characters: Eight boys wearing signs to identify their characters.

Narrator: (Wearing an Uncle Sam hat and opening a history book to read) Come join me now for just a minute while we look in a history book to see who is in it. There are many trailblazers on these pages with tales of deeds down through the ages.

Thomas Jefferson: (Wearing a three cornered hat made from paper) The Declaration of Independence I did write, helping our country in its freedom fight.

Squanto: (Wearing an Indian headdress) I helped the pilgrims to stay alive that first winter in their struggle to survive.

Neil Armstrong: (Wearing an astronaut helmet) I helped to blaze the trail into space for our land and I was the first person on the moon to stand.

Abe Lincoln: (Wearing a stovepipe hat) As president, my best to the country I gave, and helped to end the War Between the States.

Thomas Edison: (Wearing a newspaper hat) I did my best to help my land without wait, the electric light I did create.

Paul Revere: (Wearing a tri-cornered hat and holding a lantern) I made a famous ride to every farm to warn of the British and spread the alarm.

Cub Scout: (In uniform) All these men who blazed a trail did their best and did it well. We are the future trailblazers of this land, and you can bet we'll do our best to do our job grand!

Folklore Heroes
(Original story Fiesta of Heroes in Heart of America Council with a few changes)

Personnel: 6 Cub Scouts

Equipment: Chair, Book costumes or signs for Robin Hood, Blackbeard, Man from Mars, King Rex, Sitting Bull

Scene: Billy is in his room trying to think of a Legend or Lore costume for the coming pack meeting. He lounges in a chair and is looking through a book, when he falls asleep.

Billy: Gee, if only I could think of a good costume for the pack meeting. It has to be something for Legends and Lore. I don't see anything like that in this book. (Falls asleep).

Robin Hood: (enter) Billy, Billy what about me? No grander hero there could be! I robbed the rich, gave the poor a hand; I'm Robin Hood from the merry band. (He stands to one side.)

Blackbeard: (enters) Lift the anchor, hoist the sail; Blackbeard's here to tell a tale. I'm the hero for you, Billy. Anyone else would just be silly. (Billy is still sleeping. Blackbeard moves to side.)

King Rex: Nonsense, lad, they're not your style; they'll both end up on the rubbish pile. What you need is a costume with zing! Why not go as Rex, the King? (He stands to side.)

Man from Mars: If you need some lore and must borrow (entering), don't go to the past, come to tomorrow. Why not go as a Man from Mars? A part of the future, one of the stars. (He stands to side.)

Sitting Bull: (entering) How, Bill Cub Scout, heap big plan, need Indian costume, soon as you can. Famous Indian, Sitting Bull, sure to win you trophy full. (Takes his place on side.)
(Dream characters begin to talk among themselves. As they do Billy wakes up.)

Billy: Boy what a funny dream, all about those legendary people. Each wanting me to be them. Oh well, I might as well, hey, I got an idea! I'm going to the Pack Meeting as Smokey the Bear! Boy that's a great idea! (exits stage.)

All other Characters: Smokey the Bear. (Shaking heads as they leave.)

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