Volume 5 Issue 9
April 1999

Simon Kenton Council

Personnel: Eight boys dressed in costume sitting around the campfire. Each should have his name on a sign hanging around his neck.

Casey Jones: (Stands up looking at his pocket watch) We need to decide what our American flag will look like.

Uncle Remos: (Stands) I represent New York and I think the flag needs to have people on it. (Shows the New York flag)

Yankee Doodle: (Stands) I'm from Pennsylvania and I want a dandy horse on it.

Black Beard: (Stands) Well I represent New Hampshire. Those ideas are silly; I think it needs boats on it. (Shows the New Hampshire flag)

Sitting Bull: (Stands up, arms folded) I here for Massachusetts. Me want Indian. (Show Massachusetts Flag)

Jim Bridger: (Stands) I'm here to represent Utah.

All Others: (Look at him and say) Where is Utah?

Jim Bridger: Over yonder. (Waves arm to the side) Anyway, I think we should have an elk on the flag

Uncle Sam: (Stands) I've been listening to all of you and your ideas are great, but I think we need something special for our American flag. I have an idea. Use these flags for your owns states, and we'll have the Stars and Stripes for our flag of freedom. The stars represent each and every state and the stripes will represent the original thirteen colonies. Now will everyone please rise? (Play "Stars and Stripes Forever" as color guard presents the flag) Please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance to our nation's flag.

Simon Kenton Council

Cub 1: All of our American Folklore heroes were hard working people. You won't find a shirker in the bunch.

Cub 2: Campfire stories about them tell us so.

Cub 3: All were Americans trying to improve this young country of ours.

Cub 4: As we gather here tonight, let us keep those hard working Americans in our mind.

Cub 5: Do the same as they did, do more than your share.

Cub 6: Help your parents whenever they ask and even when they don't.

Cub 7: Maybe some day, there will be a legend that tells about your great deeds.

Opening Ceremony
Trapper Trails Council

1st Cub: Can anyone tell me what folklore is? Let me tell you it is a "tall-tale". It may be a real person or a character from a poem, book or story, or someone that lived.

2nd Cub: Betsy Ross, who made the first flag, Barbara Frietche who defied Stonewall Jackson in the poem by John Greenleaf Whittier, Baby Doe Tabor who froze to death on top of the Matchless Mine in Colorado. They were great ladies.

3rd Cub: Casey Jones that famous engineer of old 638 died warning others of the crash. With one hand on the brakes and the other on the whistle met his end.

4th Cub: The Pony Express Riders started a mail system from Missouri to California. They rode at a gallop for 2,000 miles, changing horses about every ten miles.

5th Cub: In stories or song we have had fun learning about the American Folklore Heroes. My favorite one was Davy, Davy Crockett (sings a few bars off key.)

6th Cub: Would everyone think back to your favorite folklore story or historical character as we Pledge Allegiance to our flag.

(This would be cute if each cub drew a poster depicting one of the characters mentioned in his lines and held it up during the ceremony. #1 and #6 could draw a picture of their favorite one not done by the other boys. Or they could make hats and costumes depicting their character.)

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