Volume 5 Issue 9
April 1999


Davy Crockett
Simon Kenton Council

Have all the players except "Davy Crockett" form pairs and stand in a circle (or a designated play area). When Davy Crockett says, "face to face" the partners face each other. When he says "back to back" or "side to side" his directions must be followed. If he says "Davy Crockett" everyone including himself, tries to find a new partner. The one left without a partner becomes the next Davy Crockett and the game continues.

Who Am I?
Simon Kenton Council

Make signs with the names of the legends that you have been discussing. When the boys enter the room, pin a name on every boy, making sure that the boy does not see whose name is on his back. Each then has to go around the room asking questions of the other boys which can be answered with "Yes or No." The first one to correctly figure out who he is wins.

Paul Bunyan
Simon Kenton Council

Divide the den into two teams. Give each team a man's shirt, two boxes to serve as boots, a frying pan and a beanbag pancake. The teams line up relay fashion at the starting line. On a signal, the first boy in each team dons the shirt, boots and runs to a turning line, where the frying pan and pancake are waiting. There he uses the pan to flip the pancake, runs back to the starting line, takes off the shirt and boots and passes them on to the next runner. This game continues until all of the boys have had a turn. The winner is the team that finishes first.

Erie Canal Barges
Simon Kenton Council

You will need: for each team, five 1" x 2" x 4: blocks and a three-foot stick.

How to play: On signal, the first player from each team lines up the blocks (barges) end-to-end and, using the stick, pushes them to a designated line. He then pushes them back to the next player who continues the relay. If barges break loose, the player must rearrange them with the stick and continue the race.

Tracking Bigfoot
Simon Kenton Council

Cut two large pair of feet from heavy paper or cardboard. Divide group into teams. Have each team set their cutout feet in front of the. On signal, the first player on each team steps onto his cutout feet. He lifts his back foot up and picks up the cutout foot and places it in front of his front foot. They continue walking this way until they get to the finish line. Then they turn around and start back to the starting line. Then the next "Tracker" on the team continues in the same manner.

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