Volume 5 Issue 8
March 1999



As you can imagine, it must have something to do with cars, so--

1. Find a cardboard box for each boy that is large enough to fit around his middle--he will be inside the box. The box should be no more than 12" to 15" tall. Fold top and bottom flaps inside, stand in the box and pull it up to where the boy can put his arms over the outside of the box and hold it up with his hands on the bottom edge. Optionally, you can rig some sort of suspenders so the boy has his hands free and can "wear" the box.

2. Use your resources and imagination and decorate the box to look like a race car. Use solo cups for headlights, paper plates for wheels, tuna cans for tail lights, tape for chrome, whatever your imagination can come up with. Put on bumpers, windows, etc. Make it safe in case the boy falls down while wearing the car.

3. Choose a large grassy area (school yard, park, etc.) for the race. Set up a race track, complete with pit areas on opposite sides of the track. Whatever your markers are, be sure they are safe.

4. Race your cars two at a time. Each race will consist of 7 laps around the track and three "pit stops". The pit crew is made up of members of the boy's family. It goes like this:

  • Run one lap - pit stop - Wash windshield (Family washes the boy's face with "wet one", wash cloth, etc.)

  • Run two laps - stop - refuel (family provides small cup of juice, lemonade, etc. with straw--boy drinks all)

  • Run two laps - stop - change tires (family puts large socks over boy's shoes and sends him off again - in lieu of socks, paper hospital booties work great.)

  • Run two laps to finish line.

5. Pit crew should have signs telling how many laps have been completed and when to stop.

6. Do it just for fun, or time the boys and award funny prizes for winners. Also give prizes for car designs (most unique, funniest, etc.), best pit crew, anything you can think of to make the boys feel good about their efforts. After the race, have watermelon for everyone and have a watermelon seed spitting contest.

Most importantly--have FUN!

Judy Yeager who is a good ole' Bobwhite, too, posted the above idea on Scouts-L and we thought it would be great to share it with Baloo Bugle readers. . She found it in Scouting Magazine several years ago--She's guessing 6-7 years ago. This activity is one to keep in mind when planning your Summertime Activities.

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