Volume 5 Issue 8
March 1999


Pull A Rabbit Out Of A Bag
Sam Houston Area Council

Each player is given a bag and each bag contains an equal number of objects. Objects used might be such things as a ball, a spool, a stick of gum and other not easily defined objects. As the leader calls out some object, each player must thrust his hand into his bag and bring out the object before the leader has counted to ten. If he succeeds in bringing out the correct object he places it to one side. If he does not succeed, that object remains in the bag. The point is to see who can bring out the most correct objects during the naming of the various items each bag contains.

A game idea from Earl in Canada

I saw a great game idea come out of a Winterfest our District put on. (does not have to be a winter game)
You need 4 large truck inner tubes. Duct tape two tubes together on top of each other (like stacked donuts). Boys get inside the inner tubes and put their hands between the two inner tubes that are taped together or you could fashion a harness. The idea is then to bump into each other and knock one player down. Looked like lots of fun. G. Earl Bateman ebateman@welland.southam.ca

Blow Ball
Daniel Webster Council

Materials: Table, ping pong ball

Have boys kneel down around table with their hands behind them. Place the ping pong ball in the center of the table. On signal, the boys try to blow the ball off the table. When the ball is blown off the table, the two boys closet to the ball leave. Repeat until only one boy is left. Other ways of playing is to give a point to the boys between whom the ball went by. The winner will be the boy with the least number of points at the end of the game.
Hint: To add variety to the game add a second ball . . . .

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