Volume 5 Issue 8
March 1999


Sm Rich
Evergreen Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner
Oregon Trail Council, Eugene, OR.

Equipment; flashlights, fan, American Flag, and cards or 7 small pieces of cardboard.

On each of the 6, the letters, N,A,T,U,R,E and on the last, GIVE A HOOT, DO NOT POLLUTE!

If you have access to music, preferable; Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA, John Wayne's America, why I Love Her or ...... I am not sure of the artist at the moment, but the album was Americana and the song was backroads. If these are not available, then any music that sings either America the Beautiful or God Bless America.

Setting: Lights off, some boys sitting around or by the American Flag with flashlights on.

The fan is on and pointing up at the flag to create motion. (just like a breeze would move the flag). Background music can be any of the ones I mentioned. Also a spotlight or large flashlight. Start the song, turn on the fan and flashlights and listen to the music. When the song is over, turn on some backlights, and have Cub Scouts come out, one at a time, with each of the cards and hold up the card. Start with N and go though all until NATURE IS spelled. Put the spot light on each when they come out. After all are in front of the pack then bring out DO NOT POLLUTE and all of he boys say in unison, GIVE A HOOT, DO NOT POLLUTE! A variation of this would be for each of the boys to say something with each letter. N = Nature, it is all around us. A = America is full of nature. T = Time for all of us to take care of our environment. U = You are the only ones that can keep our environment clean. R = Are ure ready to help? E = Environment, it is all around us. Or something like that.

Sam Houston Area Council

Personnel: Cubmaster or narrator
Arrangement: Darkened room, campfire if available
Equipment: Flashlight

CM: What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow, which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset. We need to continue through the Scouting movement, to teach respect for the Earth, each other and the simple things in life.


Declaration of Dependence
National Capital Area Council

I am part of Nature.
I am part of everything that lives.
I am bound together with all living things in air, in land, in water.
My life depends upon Nature, upon its balance, upon its resources and upon the continuity of both.
To destroy them is to destroy myself.
As a member of the human race, I am responsible for its survival.
I am a part of Nature, and I will not destroy it.


Bay Area Council

This ceremony can be used to open or close a pack meeting or a Webelos den meeting. As the boys stand together in a living circle have each raise his right hand in the Cub Scout sign and repeat the following Webelos Promise together.

W-We as Webelos, promise to do our best
E-Each day we'll pass the good Scout test.
B- Being always aware of our duty to God and Country.
E-Eagle Scouts we'll strive to someday be.
L-Law of the Scouts, we'll learn and obey.
O-On the trail toward Boy Scouts we'll travel each day.
S-So we'll remember what WEBELOS means;


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