Volume 5 Issue 8
March 1999


The Litter Bug
Simon Kenton Council

PAPER Crackle, crackle
CANS Clatter, clatter
TRASH Dump, dump
LITTER BUG Toss and Throw

God put bugs in this world for many reasons,
He made them to live in every kind of season.
But the pesky LITTER BUG, with his PAPER and CANS
Was made through neglected TRASH by the foolish man.

To keep our land beautiful, get rid of that LITTER BUG,
So beach goers can again lounge on a clean, sand rug.
Because of this pest, we must walk around
in PAPER and CANS and TRASH on the ground.

Just who are the LITTER BUGS who mess up our land? Do you really ever see them toss that PAPER or CAN?
And in dumping his TRASH he is very sly.

So most of the time it just appears there,
As if it had dropped right out of thin air.
Could it be we are so used to throwing things there,
That we dump PAPER AND CANS without being aware?

Without even thinking when we toss TRASH and waste,
We could be a LITTER BUG in all of our haste.
So when you unwrap that gum or candy,
Don't throw down the PAPER just because it is handy.

Next time stop and think when it's pop CANS you toss,
'Cause if you're a LITTER BUG it's also your loss
If every single person would take note of his habit
That pesky LITTER BUG we could certainly nab it.

Then that terrible bug we could surely stamp it out,
With no more PAPER or CANS or TRASH about
By taking care of our TRASH properly from the start.

Wouldn't And Shouldn't
Simon Kent Council

SHOULDN'T Never, Never, Never

Once there was a trash pick-up company who had two people that worked for them that were always causing trouble. One of them was named WOULDN'T and the other was named SHOULDN'T.

WOULDN'T would never drive his garbage route the same way twice and so he missed picking up some of the people's trash. SHOULDN'T would drive around his route so early that half the people had not even put out the garbage when he came around. No matter what the supervisor told them it made no difference. WOULDN'T would start on a different street, and SHOULDN'T would start before light. Complaints were being phoned into the trash pick-up company all the time. Finally a lady told SHOULDN'T how much she appreciated him and the trash pick-up company.

She told him how horrible her property would be if it were not for the garbage disposal. A man thanked WOULDN'T for getting out of his truck and picking up some of the garbage that had fallen onto the road.

That had been the trouble all along. SHOULDN'T was embarrassed to be driving a trash pick-up truck. When he realized how necessary his job was, he stopped going so early so that no one would see him and all the people on his route were happy.

WOULDN'T didn't feel that what he did was important. From that day on, he still started on a different street every week but he never missed a house.

So now the trash pick-up company is happy and so are WOULDN'T and SHOULDN'T.

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