Volume 5 Issue 7
February 1999


Tiger Cub Big Idea #9
Denver Area Council

Visit the airport, watch planes take off and land; take the bus to the train station and go see the trains; Make paper airplanes; have a pilot or boat captain come visit your den, talk about what it is like to be a pilot. Have a family popcorn and movie meeting and watch movies on the NASA space program, talk about what it would be like to be an astronaut. Have a taxicab come visit your den meeting.

Travelers Relay Game
Denver Area Council

You need 2 suitcases or papersacks, 2 of dad's old shirts and pants: divide dens into 2 teams and set a start and finish line. First Tiger in each line gets his "suitcase" with clothes in it. Tiger takes luggage runs to finish line, takes out clothes, puts them on top of his clothes, runs back to start carrying empty luggage, takes off extra clothes, repacks suitcase, and gives to next Tiger.

Heart of America Council

Opening: Have members stand in a horseshoe form and give motto.
Search: Make plans for a bus or train ride.
Discover: Using the city bus schedule plan the route, connections, learn about bus fare and tokens. Using a state map discuss how to get to from one town to another. How far is it? How long does it take to get there by bus, airplane, car?
Share: Have adult partners talk about how they get to work, what other types of transportation has the group used?
Closing: Recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Opening: Recite the Tiger Cub Motto.
Search: Make plans for a bike ride. What route will be followed?
Discover: Have an adult show how to keep a bike in good condition.
"Paper Crunch" - give each boy 4 pieces of paper (2 for each hand). At the signal all pick up the paper and crunch each piece into a small ball. The first one finished wins.
Share: Share the type of travel the family used for a family vacation or outing.
Closing: Recite the Tiger Cub Motto.

St. Louis Area Council

Team Work Transportation

Create a mode of transportation using lengths of PVC pipe and a piece of 2' x 4' plywood. Lay 4 or 5 pieces of pipe on the floor. Top with the plywood. One Cub Scout sits on the plywood while the team pushes him, rolling on the PVC. As the passenger moves the team must pick up the pipe and lay ahead of the rolling Cub. This becomes a team effort.

Big Idea #8 Go and See It
Greater St. Louis Area Council

Things to Remember When Taking A Field Trip

  1. Always call well in advance to confirm times, prices, age restrictions, and reservation needs.
  2. If possible, have an adult check on the trip before the group takes it. Look for suitable lunch spots, toilet facilities, and drinking water and transportation routes. Note the amount of time the trip will require.
  3. If you travel out of your council area you will need a local tour permit. Ask your Cubmaster or call council.
  4. Make arrangements in advance for special transportation needs. Meals to be eaten on the trip, and inform your hosts of your expected arrival and departure time.
  5. In planning trips for Tiger Cubs, analyze each trip suggested for its actual value to the boy. Not just to have trips.
  6. Consider the length and difficulty of travel. A two-hour drive each way ought to be enough.
  7. Always use judgment in relation to weather conditions. If necessary, postpone your trip.
  8. Be a good 'explainer' about your trip. Tell your scouts what is expected of them.
  9. Have adult partners accompany their Tiger.
  10. Take necessary materials: first aid kit, pencils and paper; activity or game equipment, and camera.
  11. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Most people are happy to be helpful to a group of children.
  12. Make sure the Scouts are in uniform, unless other dress is more appropriate.
  13. Plan the trip discuss and even dramatize some of the experiences.
  14. Make sure that each boy has enough money, should there be any expenses involved.
  15. Scouts and adults should always wear seat belts.
  16. Upon return, have the boys write your hosts a note to thank them for the visit.

Traveling Games
Greater St. Louis Area Council

Make up games and boards to use when traveling, such as Bingo, checkers, matching games, or maybe a creative bag for the artist.

Put A Tiger in your Tiger
Greater St. Louis Area Council

Props: A banner or sign saying "PACK MEETING" and steering wheel cutouts. Have two scouts holding the banner at one end of the stage. All Tigers except one must remove their Tiger Cub hats. At the other end of the stage are the Tiger Coordinator and the remaining scouts.
Den Leader: All right Scouts, you'd better hurry up or you'll be late for the Pack Meeting.
Scout #1: Tries to start his engine by turning an imaginary key. Makes coughing and choking noises. Throws hands up in the air as if disgusted gives up.
Scout #2: Does the same thing, only his car starts up and goes only a couple of feet.
Scout #3: Does the same thing, only his car goes 3 to 4 feet and dies.
Scout#4: Does the same thing with his car dying halfway across the stage.
Scout #5: (Wearing the Tiger Hat) Starts up his car fast and making loud racing noises, zooms to the Pack Meeting sign.
Sign Holders: Hey Scout, how did you get here so fast?
Scout #5: That's easy. I've got a Tiger in my tank!

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