Volume 5 Issue 7
February 1999


Chinese Ball

Equipment: A basketball

  1. The players stand shoulder to shoulder in a large circle.
  2. One player has a basketball which she/he throws to any player in the circle who must try to catch it.

3. When the ball is caught by a player, children on either side must raise their arms in the following manner: The player on the catcher’s right will raise her/his left arm, and the player on the catcher’s left will raise her/his right arm.

  1. If a player raises the wrong arm, or neither or both, that player leaves the circle.
  2. If a player fails to catch the ball, she/he too must leave the circle.
  3. If the player catches the ball, she/he throws it instantly to some other player, whose neighbors must raise their arms as described above.
  4. The upraised arms are lowered again as soon as a catcher has thrown the ball.
  5. When all but five players are eliminated, the remaining players are the winners, and the game starts all over again.

Catch the Dragon's Tail (Taiwan)
Mid-America Council

One or two dens make up the dragon. Boys in a line with both hands on shoulders of boy ahead, leader counts down: "Em" (1), "Er" (2), and "San" (3), "Ko" (GO. On "Ko!" the head of the dragon begins trying to tag the tail or last boy in line. If he succeeds in tagging the tail he continues as head of the dragon. If any player lets go with either hand, the dragon dies. Then the head becomes the tail and all the players move up one place.

Crossing the Rice Fields (China)
Daniel Webster Council

Divide dens into two teams. Have each team break into two-boy teams. When the leader calls, "Rice!" the first pair on each team forms a "wheelbarrow" (one boy walks on his hands while the other holds his ankles) and races across the "rice field" to a "river" (two parallel ropes on the floor). At the edge of the river, one player climbs on the other's back and is carried piggyback across the river. On the other bank, they change places for the return trip across the river and then wheelbarrow back to their team. The next pair then starts.

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