Volume 5 Issue 7
February 1999


Let's Climb a Mountain

The leader says "Want to climb a mountain? Then just say what I say and do what I do. All set? Let's go!

"I think I'll climb a mountain." (Audience repeats this and following phrases.)

"Let's pack." (Put imaginary things into imaginary pack and throw over shoulder).

"Out the door!" (Single clap to indicate banging of door.)

"Down the street!" (Marching claps with both hands against thighs).

"Awfully big town." (Continue marching.)

"In the country at last! (Speed up march.) Here's a river." (Continue marching.)

"And here's a bridge." (Resume ordinary marching.) "Let's cut across." (Swish palms together.)

"Here we are at the foot of the mountain. Let's start climbing." (Clap thighs more slowly.)

"Lost!" (Several slow marching stops and starts.)

"There's a tree, let's climb it and look around." (Fast clapping to indicate running to tree, then arm motions for climbing. Then hand to forehead and peer in several directions.)

"Still lost." (Make slow climb down the tree, then several hesitant marching starts and stops.)

"Look, there's a cave!" (Fast clapping for run to cave.)

"This side is cold." (Feel with hand against imaginary side.)

"This side is wet." (Feel other side.)

"There's a light!" (Point with one finger into cave.)

"There's another light!" (Point in same direction.)

"They're eyes! It's a bear!" (Rapidly reverse actions: coming down mountain, jumping stream, swishing palms across field, over bridge, through streets, ending with a loud clap for door closing back home.)

"Back home! Safe at last! But wasn't that a great climb?"

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