Volume 5 Issue 6
January 1999



Hard Hat Tie Slide
Greater Alabama Council

Needed: Several Styrofoam egg carton - yellow or white, Yellow or white heavy construction paper, White glue or hot glue, Scissors

  1. Cut egg cups out of bottom of egg carton. Fill with sand or wood chips. Fill with glue to make solid. Ensure that the filling does not extend over the lip of the cup.
  2. Cut out an oblong oval hat brim from matching construction paper. Glue this to the egg cup.
  3. Decorate the "hat" with a lightning bolt, the symbol for electricity, on each side.
  4. Attach a keeper to the bottom of the "hat" and the slide is complete.



Heart of America Council

You live in a wonderful house. More than half of the people in the world would think that it's a house of magic. You flip a switch and presto, a light brighter than a hundred candles comes on. Where is the flame that makes so bright a light? You turn on a faucet and clear, sparkling water comes out as long as you want it to and won't stop until you shut it off. The water disappears down a drain. Where does it go?

1. Discuss with the Webelos where water goes when it goes down the drain and how it has to be treated before it can be released. Note that any chemicals flushed down a drain will also go to the treatment plant and that those plants are not designed to remove pesticides, paint thinner, waster oil, or other household chemicals.

2. In a den meeting, let the boys take apart and assemble a simple drain trap. You can buy a plastic one from a hardware store for next to nothing. With the trap, show how hair or grease can cause clogs and how to remove them.

3. Lead the boys in discussing the environmental cost of each type of electrical powerplant and what each of us can do to reduce the amount of power we use.

The Right "Man" for the Job!
Greater St. Louis Area Council

1. An engineer who designs plants to make water safe to drink

2. An engineer who designs machines in a factory

3. An engineer who test new processes and checks old ones in a chemical plant

4. An engineer who plans new circuit and directs workers in an electrical plant

5.An engineer who designs and tests new equipment for industry

6. An engineer who designs and tests equipment for farmers and ranchers











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