Volume 5 Issue 6
January 1999


Big Idea #13 Caring for your home and household


An important way to care for your home is to make it safe. A campaign in October urged families to change their smoke alarm batteries when they changed their clocks back to standard time in the fall.

If you didn't get to it then, make it a Valentine Gift of love to your family's safety. Have your Tiger Cub help you change the batteries, and let him know that not only are caring for your home in doing this, but you are doing this because you care even more for him and your family.

Progressive Dinner

Denver Area Council

Have a "Progressive Dinner" start at one Tiger's home with say a salad. Play a game then move to another Tiger's home for a main course. Do a group activity and then move on to the next Tiger's home for say hot muffins. Do another activity together and keep going till you have visited each family's home.

Go visit the oldest home in your community - take a tour and talk about how things were different then. What household chores did they do then that we don't do now? How much time did it take to do household chores then compared to now?

Set up a Pack trash walk with Tigers leading all of the arrangements. Talk to your city to see if they can help.

Work together and develop a "safe home" checklist. Once your Tiger team has come up with all the ideas to keep a house safe, have each Tiger go home and check their home to see if it is safe. Report back to the group on what you found, and what you did.

Find a neighbor in your area that is having a hard time keeping up with their house (maybe a senior citizen). Volunteer your Tiger Team's help to clean the yard and help out with things that need to be done. Make sure you set this activity up well in advance, be sure to talk with the person in need first.


Here's a fun Tiger Song that could be used at the Blue and Gold, or a hike, or a meeting, or just any 'ole time! This song was written by:

Paula Amnott-Tanguma
Austin, TX / Capitol Area Council
Pack 419 CC & newsletter editor

Tiger's Tail

(Sung to "If You're Happy and You Know It...")
If you pull a tiger's tail will he yell? (EE-YOW!)
If you pull a tiger's tail will he yell? (EE-YOW!)
If you pull a tiger's tail
Will he holler, yip and yell?
If you pull a tiger's tail will he yell? (EE-YOW!)

If you stroke a tiger's fur will he purr? (PURR PURR)
If you stroke a tiger's fur will he purr? (PURR PURR)
If you stroke a tiger's fur
Will he cuddle up and purr?
If you stroke a tiger's fur will he purr? (PURR PURR)

We're the Tiger Cubs from Pack 419.
We hoped you found our song mighty fine.
This is our time to shine
And we had a real good time.
We're the Tiger Cubs from Pack 419.


The boys could all get up there and sing it all together, including the parts in parentheses. Or, you could "act it out" with seven boys. Basically, all the boys sing the main parts of the line. One boy will be behind a line of the other six. He starts behind the first, and when they get to "will he yell" he pulls on either an imaginary or a prop tail attached to the first boy, who then makes the yell by himself. It might even be funny to have him jump when he yells. (Did that make sense?) The "instigator" then moves on to the next boy and does the same thing. On the "Purr" verse, he can pat each of the last three boys on the head. After making his way to the end of the line, he steps out to the end of the line for the last verse.

Well, I am sure that is as clear as mud. Here is an alternate last verse for packs with "0" as the last number...


We're the Tiger Cubs from Pack xx0.
We hope that you have enjoyed the show.
We help the pack to go
And the pack helps us to grow.
We're the Tiger Cubs from Pack xx0.



Santa Clara Council

Give me a T


Give me an I


Give me a G


Give me an E


Give me an R


Put it together and what does it spell?


What does it say?



Hail To Tigers
(Tune: On Wisconsin)

Santa Clara Council

Hail to Tigers! Hail to Tigers!
Best game of them all.
We're a band of jolly Tiger Cubs
Listen to our call--
Rah! Rah! Rah!
Ever onward, ever forward
Bring fun to all!
Here's to the game of Tiger Cubs,
Best of all!

Here is a craft idea from Maryhope Zitelli, Den Leader, Morris-Sussex Council, New Jersey.

Make Tiger Pennants:

Use funfoam sheets (10"X18 ") in orange. Cut on diagonal to get two pennants out of each sheet. Boys use markers to draw tiger paws, tiger faces on both sides of pennant. (Have sample paws and tigers for boys to look at.)

Glue a couple of feathers in buff, orange and brown onto the pennant. Use hole puncher to make 3 holes along the small side. Use pipecleaners to attach to a 24" stick found in your backyard (more rustic looking than a dowel and cheaper too!) Our Tigers carry them in the Town Parade.

Maryhope Zitelli

Den Leader


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