Volume 5 Issue 6
January 1999


"Great Whidgit Whatchamacallit and Thingamanjig Idea Book

This would be a fun skit for the adults to do for the families at Blue and Gold. Someone requested this on Scouts-L and I happened to be familiar with it and sent it to her. I thought I would also include in Baloo's Bugle.

Equipment: Pitcher, banana, switch, broom, rope, chalk, whistle, box of matches, iron, dark cloth, 2 salt shakers, pieces of paper, and large cardboard sign for players to wear representing:
Manuel Del Popolo
Zingerella (the maid)
Maggie O'Brien
Curtains (2)
Shadows (dark cloth over head)

Properties should be in place where they will be used. When the play opens the SUN will be lying on the floor. CURTAINS stand in the center of the stage with their backs to the audience. STAIRS stand at back of stage. MANUEL is seated at the table.

The players must keep their signs in plain sight. The following story is read slowly and distinctly, by the narrator. Players carry out the action indicated. Directions in parentheses are merely suggestions to the leader. Give time for each action before reading on.
NARRATOR: The CURTAINS are PARTED and our play is on. (Curtains side-step slowly to opposite sides.)

It is early morning and the SUN AROSE (SUN stands up). MANUEL DEL POPOLE, son of a rich Spanish nobleman, sat in his father's castle. He was POURING OVER HIS NOTES (POURS "water" from pitcher over notes) and so anxious was he to WHIP them in to shape (whips notes), that he simply DEVOURED them (chews notes). Finally he AROSE, MUTTERING CURSES (mutters "curses, curses").

"Hither Zingerella", he cried. ZINGERELLA came TEARING DOWN THE STAIRS (tears down the STAIRS sign) and TRIPPED into the room (trips over rug).

"You called", she asked. "Yes", he answered. "Where is Maggie O'Brien?" "She is in her chamber:.

"Then bring her to me at once", he commanded. ZINGERELLA FLEW to do her master's bidding (makes motions of flying). While waiting for Maggie, MANUEL CROSSED THE FLOOR, once, twice, thrice (make 3 crosses with chalk on floor. Then sat down and STAMPED his feet (pastes stamps on sole of shoes).

Soon MAGGIE came SWEEPING (with broom) into the room. "Maggie, for the last time, will you marry me?" "Oh NO, NO, NO." "Ah curses, then I will lock you up in the tower until you will consent". "Oh Sir, I appeal to you", she cried. (Maggie kneels and peels banana before him). (Manual takes banana, eats the fruit deliberately and hands the peel back to her). "Your appeal is fruitless" and muttering curses (mutters curses), he left the room. MAGGIE FLEW (makes flying motions) around in agony of fear. She knew Manuel would keep his word. Oh, she thought, if Patrick, her own true love would only come. He would save me. But, would he come?

The HOURS PASSES, but oh so slowly (Hours walk past very slowly). Finally, she TOOK HER STAND (moves her stand to the center) and SCANNED THE HORIZON (She looks at HORIZON who moves back and forth.)

Suddenly a WHISTLE sounded (whistle) from below. "Oh Patrick, my boy, is that you?" she cried. "Yes, it is me THROW me a line" (Maggie throws rope out at Patrick). Patrick then GALLOPED into the room. "Oh Maggie!" he cried, and trenderly PRESSED her hand (presses her palm with the iron). At this moment, MANUEL entered and maddened at the sight of the two lovers together, challenged Patrick to a dual. They A-SALTED each other (go through a lively dual by shaking salt at each other) and after a few moments, MANUEL gave up the MATCH (takes match from box and gives it to Patrick) acknowledging that he was defeated and slowly left the room.
"Come Maggie, my love! Now there is no one to stand between us. You are mine:!" and he LED her from the room (puts rope around her neck and leads her from room).

The HOURS pass (HOURS cross stage); the SUN SETS (sits down); the SHADOWS of night COME ON (player with dark cloth over head comes on stage and covers sun). And our play is ended.

The Spirit of Scouting
Simon Kenton Council

Narrator: I represent the spirit of Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting. I am also the spirit of Scouting past and present. Here is our future (sweeping hand across audience), the Cub Scouts of America.

Boy 1: (Enters dressed in full uniform.) The two colors of the Cub Scout uniform have a special meaning. The blue stands for truth and loyalty, and the gold stands for good cheer and happiness.

Boy 2: (enters carrying a Wolf Book and Kipling's Jungle Book). Many Cub Scouting words are taken from Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book - Akela, Mowgli…

Boy 3: (Enters carrying a craft project.) Cub Scouting means fun. We have lots of fun making craft projects - things we can play with that go along with the monthly theme.

Boy 4: (Enters carrying a picnic basket). You can't take the outing out of Scouting, they say. Cub Scouts sure like to go on picnics and visit parks with their den. Field trips are really fun.

Boy 5: (Enters carrying the U.S. flag.) Cub Scouts are proud to be Americans. They are proud of the flag. They are also proud of the pack flag because it reminds them they are a part of the 89 years of Scouting history.

Narrator: Yes, I am the spirit of the past and present. These boys, the Cub Scouts you see…these are the men of tomorrow. They will be the preservers of our American heritage and the leaders of Scouting in the future.

Blue and Gold
Istrouma Council

The following skit shows the fun in Scouting and what you might miss.

Den Leader: (Dialing on a phone) Hello, Randy, this is Mrs. Carp. Everything is ready for our trip Friday. Now listen carefully; I want you to call the other boys. We'll meet at 7 a.m. at the schoolyard at the Eighth Street exit off I-10. Bring $2.00, a sack lunch, a frozen drink, a change of socks, your sleeping bag and a canteen. Wear your uniform and hiking shoes. We'll hike to the ranch where there are horses waiting for our trail ride. Have your parents plan to pick you up after the campfire at 8 p.m. See you then.

1st Cub: OK, Mrs. Carp. --I'll call Hershel right now (hang up phone and call another number). Hey Hershel, it's all set for our trip, Friday. We're to meet at the Seventh Street exit by the school at I-10 at 8:00 a.m. You need a $2.00 lunch, frozen socks, sleeping bag and canteen. Wear your uniform and tennis shoes. After we hike to the ranch, we'll throw horseshoes at our parents when they come to pick us up during the fireside chat at 10:00 p.m. Will you call Daniel?

2nd Cub: Sure--but-- (hang up phone and look at the phone). Oh, well if that's what Mrs. Carp said. (Dial phone number). Hi, Daniel. It's a go for next Friday, the 7th. We'll meet in the schoolyard by I-8 at 10:00 a.m. You'll need $2.00 worth of frozen pizza in a paper bag, matching socks, uniform shoes and a canteen. We'll ride our bikes on the Burro trail past the fire station to the tennis court. Have your parents meet us there at nine. Also can you call Bryan?

3rd Cub: Huh? (Hang up phone and dial new number). May I speak to Bryan please: Oh well, tell him the Cub Scouts are having an outing at the local cantina on the 17th at 8:00 p.m. with fireworks, pizza pie, and a piñata. He should wear ten coats, shoes that match and bring $2.00 to burn at the bonfire. No, I don't think parents are invited-- (hangs up phone--looks at audience). Gee---wonder why she's taking Bryan out of the Cub Scouts---It's really fun!!!

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