Volume 5 Issue 6
January 1999


Scouter's Prayer

Denver Area Council

Dear Lord, from your judgment seat on high,
Look down on a Scouter such as I.
Search me through and find me whole,
Then help me Lord to reach my goal.
Help me Lord to work for Thee.
Guard my homeland - Keep it free.
Help me to work with others and be kind.
Helpful with my hands and mind.
Keep me Lord, both well and strong
To help our growing boys along.
Control my thoughts, keep them right,
sound, clean weapons for life's fight.
Protect my morals, keep them high,
Grant this to a Scouter such as I.

Denver Area Council

May God bless us and protect us;
May God show us favor and be gracious to us;
May God show us kindness and grant us peace.

Den or Pack Prayer
Istrouma Council

We thank you, God, for our pack; and for all the boys and families who are touched by Scouting. Make us strong as we work together to help other people, and as we do our duty to You and to our country. Help us remember to live by the Law of the Pack and the Cub Scout Promise.

Roger Claff gave me permission to share this with the readers of Baloo's Bugle. He told me it is kind of specific to the leaders in Pack 1570, but with a little imagination it could be adapted to fit anyone's specific pack. If you decide to use this poem at your Blue and Gold, or any other time, please send Roger an email, thanking him. His email address is Claff@api.org


What makes someone a hero
Is nothing really new,
It's something deep inside of him,
The leader coming through.

We read of heroes all the time,
And see them on T.V.
They've got flashy names like Superman
With x-ray eyes to see.

But how about some other guys,
Who aren't printed in our books?
They haven't got the flashy suits
And the hero-kind of looks.

There's the guy that works all week,
Each day to town and back,
But gets up early on Saturday
To build our Pinewood track.
There's the lady who with lots of kids
Must solve each hurt and fight,
But takes the time to make the plans
For flower sales, Blue & Gold, and Science Overnight.

And there's the lady who works real hard
To sort our badges out.
She makes sure we get what's earned,
To show what scouting's all about.

Then there's the guy who works downtown,
He scarcely sees the sun,
But he takes the time to fill the forms,
Meet with us, and be sure our pack will run.

There's the lady on the PTA,
With scarcely time to spare,
Who did our dues and membership
And planned a banquet rare.

And the lady who took the time
For monsters, mummies, and ghosts.
She made for us a Halloween Party
Worthy of our boasts.

There's the Tiger lady
Who gave us much to learn.
She showed for us Special Olympics
So we could do our good turn.

Then there's the Tiger mom
Who set up Toys for Tots,
And the guy who helped the Chess Club go,
They helped us lots and lots.

And what about our ACMs
With their cheers and games and song?
They work real hard to make it fun,
With them we can't go wrong.

Let's not forget the time it takes,
And all the effort, work, and fuss,
For our Den Leaders every week
To bring scouting home to us.
They and their Assistants
We really have to thank,
They make scouting fun for us
And help us earn our rank.

But how about ALL the busy parents
Who really show they care?
To pack and den and outings too,
They find some way to get us there.
Though their lives are busy,
With jobs and home and yard,
They somehow find the time for scouting,
Even when it's hard.

Now out of all these people,
Not one can crash through walls,
They have no x-ray vision,
And they don't stand ten feet tall.
But all of them are heroes,
I want you all to know.
Against the odds they gave and cared,
And helped us all to grow.
So when you go to bed tonight,
And dream of heroes true,
Be sure to give some thought tonight
That Mom and Dad are heroes too.

The Leader's Prayer

The Best of the Leader Cut-Out Pages,
Scouts Canada National Council, 1990.

Please God, grant me the spark to imagine, the daring to innovate, the discipline to plan, the skill to do, the will to achieve, the commitment to be responsible, and the leadership to motivate.

Thoughts for a Scouter

Being a Scouter is a treasure
That one can never compare
To dollars, gold, or silver,
And other material fare.

No, the wealth of which I am speaking
Comes from a purer source of joy,
It's a being of God's own making
That we often call a "boy."

He's an active little fireball
Well-known by one and all,
I have the chance to be with him
Each week down at the hall.
He knows not of the cynics
And the skeptics of our day,
The whole world is his wonderland
And he invites us out to play.

When I'm with this lad at Cub camp
And he wonders at a tree,
I feel my inner wonderment
Come flowing out of me.

Under mountains, in the twilight,
Looking at the heavens above,
I know why I'm a Scouter,
I'm a Scouter out of love.

Farewell to a Scouter

For all your time and trouble,
Dedication to our cause,
For your care and understanding,
Selfless giving without pause;
You have set the best example
For our Scouters and our boys,
And have always stood to help us
Through both tragedies and joys;
We may not have given credit
Always when it was due,
But we hope you know our feelings
As we give our thanks to you;
Though good-byes are now upon us,
May we wish for you, our friend,
That your time away may be shortened,
And your way lead home again.

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