Volume 5 Issue 6
January 1999


Hey, Where's the Rest of Me!

Make or find pictures of jungle animals. Cut them in half. Mix them up. Don't hand out the halves too far ahead of the start of the game.. On signal, each person has to find the other person with the other half of the animal. When they have found each other they have to loudly make the sound of their animal.) If you can't find enough pictures use names on the card of jungle animals.

Animal Hunt


Hide tiny rubber or plastic jungle animals in your jungle (meeting area). Or you could you use animal crackers. Divide the boys into groups and have one Cub be the safari guide. Each group is given an animal name - bear lion, monkey, and snake. On your signal the team of hunters go on their safari looking for their animals. When they find their assigned animal, the hunter makes his animal sound (growl, chatter, hsss etc.) and then waits for their guide to come capture the animal in their team cage. Use a margarine container decorated in camouflage colors. Cut a circle out of a clear lid to within 1/2" of the rim. Cover the top with netting and secure under the rim.) The Cubs continue hunting animals, making their sounds and having the guide capture the animals for a designated time.

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