Volume 5 Issue 6
January 1999



This is late in getting out in Baloo's Bugle, but there is still time to do a "Good Turn".

Any donations of school supplies: pencils, pens, scissors, rulers, protractors, compasses, crayons, colored pencils, paper, calendars, wall art, maps ... basically, all the things our kids take for granted... can be sent to:

LTC Bob Brown (Camp Dobol)
Cdr, 2-5 CAV
ATTN: LTC Littel's School Program
Operation Joint Forge
APO AE 09789

In addition, those wishing to send Christmas/Holiday greetings to soldiers in LTC Brown's command can send those to:

Holiday Greeting for any serviceman
LTC Bob Brown (Camp Dobol)
Cdr, 2-5 CAV
Operation Joint Forge
APO AE 09789

As to the addresses available for Operation Dear Abby XIV: they will be in effect only from Nov. 15, 1998, to Jan. 15, 1999:

For Europe and Southwest Asia:

America Remembers
Operation Dear Abby XIV
APO AE 09135

For the Mediterranean Basin:

America Remembers
Operation Dear Abby XIV
FPO AE 09646

For South America, Central America and the Caribbean:

America Remembers
Operation Dear Abby XIV
APO AA 34085

For the Far East:

America Remembers
Operation Dear Abby XIV
APO AP 96285

For the Pacific Basin:

America Remembers
Operation Dear Abby XIV
FPO AP 96385

For Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine land forces in Bosnia:

America Remembers
Operation Dear Abby XIV
APO AE 09397-0001

For Navy and Marine Corps personnel aboard ship:

America Remembers
Operation Dear Abby XIV
FPO AE 09398-0001

Judy Polak
Buckskin Council
Charleston, WV

Scouting Anniversary Week

BSA Birthday Challenge
Lone Tree District
Don Bohnwagner

In honor of the 89th birthday celebration of the Boy Scouts of America, the Lone Tree District will hold a BSA Birthday Challenge during the month of February. All Packs, Troops and Crews are encouraged to compete.

To be judged you must do one of the following:

1. A window, store or lawn front display;
2. A demonstration of a Scouting skill or activity before a public audience.
3. Create a web site about the history of Scouting and your unit.

Entrants must submit a photo, video or printout and description of their respective event, site or display to the District Activities Chairman in care "of your local scouting service center.

Prizes, Awards, and council newsletter recognition.

I just remembered what my Webelos I did one week. Each day, an older child (usually 6th grade) gets to make the morning announcements on the elementary school intercom system to start the day: leading the pledge of allegiance, announcing today's hot lunch, announcing birthdays and other special events, etc.

I got permission for some of the Webelos I to add Scouting stuff over the intercom each day of Scout week. I can't remember all the stuff, but I know one day a couple boys retold the (abbreviated) story about how Scouting came to the USA, and other days they announced some "facts" like how many astronauts/senators, etc were Scouts, how many pinewood derby cars are made and raced each year, etc. I'm pretty sure these "facts" came to me vis the Scouts-L listserv. Some boys were too shy to speak on the intercom, but those that did, enjoyed it immensely and I heard quite a few comments from some teachers who learned something!

Barb Stephens Academic
Computing Creighton University
bsteph@creighton.edu Omaha, NE 68178

How about a "Scout Window Display" during anniversary week - ask a store owner or public place to let you use their window front. Show crafts, displays, pictures of activities and where to join information. How about a contest which Den, Pack or Troop can put together the best display based on a theme.

Mark Rabson
New Jersey

Here's one way it is celebrated in Southern Illinois. Thanks Deb!

There is only one shop in town that sells BSA items; otherwise people have to go about 40 miles in either direction to purchase items. We usually ask them if we can decorate their windows, which faces the main street in town.

Other items we're thinking about this year, but haven't put in yet include asking the local newspaper if we can put in a "Scouting" column every other week or so (paper comes out twice a week), asking schools (boys come from about six different schools) if the Scouts can take down/ put up the flags that week, and making sure all Scouts try to attend the anniversary hike our district hosts.

We tell the boys that we'd like them to come to our CO's Sunday services, but most usually go to their own church services. They do wear their uniforms, however. We have talked about hosting the fellowship hall after the service this year; but I don't know if that will actually go through! I think it would be great to do the Charter Ceremony during this time, but unfortunately we recharter in March.

Mary from New Mexico sent in these ideas.

In previous years, we have set up displays at school with various Scouting projects. We used to have a patriotic assembly every Wednesday. I would have my Scouts perform a an impressive Flag Ceremony. Our new Principal does not have these assemblies, so I'm not sure what we will do this year. I THINK I will have them raise and lower the Flags outside. We have also done skits at the assembly. This year I think I will utilize the school intercom and have the boys read some Scouting history and relate some of the fun things we do. I will still have a display in the front foyer, with all kinds of projects.

Mary Fournier,

Carlsbad, New Mexico


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