Volume 5 Issue 6
January 1999


Animal Partners

Simon Kenton Council

Write the names of animals on cards - two cards for each animal. If there is an odd number of Cub Scouts, write one animal's name on three cards. There should be a card for every player. Shuffle the cards and hand them out. Each player reads his card to himself but keeps his identity a secret. Collect the cards. On signal, each player begins acting out the sounds, shape and typical movements of his animal, trying to attract his partner. There could be baying, croaking, screeching, strutting, flapping and leaping. Talking is prohibited. Game ends when each player finds his partner.

While sitting in a class at University of Scouting with the door closed, I heard this game being played. What I mean is there was so much laughter coming through our closed door, I heard this game being played. I just HAD to find what game was being played. After my class, I tracked down Miss Enthusiaction, Kay. She, Kay J. was kind enough to give me her hand-out. If you can do a game at your Blue and Gold, I would highly recommend this one.

Greater Alabama Council

Line scouts up shoulder to shoulder. Give each one a balloon. Have a finish line opposite the line where you start. The boy blows up a balloon and then releases it, rocket fashion, and chases it and blows it up again. He keeps doing this, aiming for the goal line. The zigzag course of the balloon will make this race a lot of fun.

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