Volume 5 Issue 6
January 1999


My friend Don B. sent this to me. He saw Pack 2 in Haverhill, MA do this.

Divide the audience into left and right and have them stand up and sit down when they heard their word. You could also divide the audience into left, right and Wright.

Johnny Wright was very excited as he talked to his parents. "I want to become a Cub Scout," he said. "I am the only boy left in the neighborhood that isn't one. Peter invited me to his Blue & Gold banquet tonight to see if scouting is right for me. Can we go?"
Mr. Wright called Peter's dad to get directions. When he got off the phone he told everyone, "It's at First Baptist Church. We go south on 125, take a left on Cherry St. then our first left into the parking lot…let's go! Johnny ran right out and got into the car. At the church they went in and had a great time. The Cub Scouts got great awards, put on skits, sang songs and had a ball. The Cubmaster came over and talked to Johnny. "Why do you want to be a Cub Scout…"Because at school all the kids talk about the fun they have here, and I feel left out, and my friend left his Cub Scout cap at my house, right on my desk so I tried it on, I look cool in it." Johnny replied. One of the leaders looked at Johnny's parents. "Would you like to help out? It's fun and rewarding". Mr. Wright looked at Mrs. Wright they both fidgeted nervously…"We thought parents brought their boys, then left. We didn't know we had to help." "Oh, you don't have to" explained one of the leaders, "but if no one is willing to give of their time, soon there will be no scouting left. The more parents that help…the less work for us all. You could be den leaders and help boys to stay on the right track, or you could be on the committee and attend a meeting once a month to help make the right decisions for our Pack. There are many positions with different levels of time commitment, I'm sure we could find one that's just right for you…I hope I haven't left out any information…so, would you like to help?"

Right on, exclaimed Johnny's folks. Johnny just beamed. He knew he had made the right decision by coming to the Blue & Gold.

Rhythmic Exercises
Istrouma Council

Ask the group to follow your instructions

Everyone stand.
Now, hands on your hips, hands on your knees,
Put them behind you, if you please.
Touch your shoulders, touch your nose.
Touch your ears, touch your nose.
Raise your hands, high in the air,
At your sides, on your hair.
Above your head, as before,
While you clap, one-two, three-four.
Now hands upon the empty space (head)
On your shoulders, on your face.
Then you raise them up so high,
And make your fingers quickly fly,
Then you stretch them out toward me,
And briskly clap them - one, two, three.

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