Volume 5 Issue 6
January 1999


Wolf Advancement - Shere Kahn
1998 Blackhawk Council

Personnel - Father, Mother Wolf, "Shere Khan", man cubs, parents, AKELA, Cubmaster

Equipment - Large name cards to identify characters, Wolf Badges

Akela: Our scene starts in the cave of Mother Wolf, Father Wolf, and the man cubs have just settled down for the evening. Shere Khan, the tiger lurks outside. Suddenly, the moonlight is blocked by the great head and shoulders of Shere Khan.

Father Wolf: What does Shere Khan want?

Shere Khan: The man cubs. Give them to me.

Mother Wolf: The man cubs are ours. They shall not be harmed. They shall live happily, to run and hunt with the pack.

Shere Khan: We will see what the pack will say about this.

Father Wolf: Shere Khan is right! What will the pack say?

Akela: Our scene now shifts to the pack meeting:

Shere Khan: Akela, the man cubs are mine. Give them to me.

Akela: These man cubs have shown themselves worthy of the Wolf Rank in our Pack. They have learned to handle tools, and how to display the flag; they know how to be healthy and safe. They have learned to serve in the community and to conserve energy. They are physically active and like to read and care for books. They have fun with their families and have collected useful and beautiful things. They obey our country's laws and worship God. The members of the pack want them to have the mark of the Wolf.

(The Cubmaster asks the parents to join their sons. He presents the Wolf badge to the parents, thanking them for working through these achievements with their scouts. The parents present the badges to their son.

(In order for this to cover other ranks I added the rest to the ceremony.)

Shere Kahn: Well give me some of these man cubs. (Walk over by a den of Bears)
Akela: The Bears have worked hard and will stay in our pack. They are nowstronger physically, spiritually and mentally. They have learned how to share this world with wildlife. They are using knowledge to protect our planet and their communities. The members of the pack want them to have the mark of the Bear.
(The Cubmaster asks the parents to join their sons. He presents the Bear badge to the parents, thanking them for working through these achievements with their scouts. The parents present the badges to their son.

Shere Kahn: I will then need to have the man cubs you call Webelos.

Akela: Our Webelos were faced with new challenges. They have worked hard to earn the activity badges required for their rank. They know about their uniform and their badge. They obey the Outdoor Code. They continue growing in their religious beliefs. Shere Kahn, the have earned the Fitness Activity Badge and two other to earn their badge.

(The Cubmaster asks the leader to join the Webelos and their parents to come up..(Parents stand behind their son. He presents the Webelos badge to the leader. The leader presents the badges to the Webelos.

Arrow of Light Ceremony
Greater Alabama Council

Cubmaster: Cub Scouts, Parents and Leaders, we are here tonight to honor No. of our Webelos Scouts, who are to come before this Pack to be presented with the highest award in the Cub Scout program, the Arrow of Light.

Akela: Akela was the big Chief of the Webelos tribe; tall, stalwart, straight as an arrow, swift as an antelope, brave as a lion. He was fierce to an enemy but kind to a brother. Many trophies hung in his teepee. His father was the son of the great yellow sun in the sky. His totem was the Arrow of Light.

Cubmaster: Will the following Webelos Scouts please come forward.
(Cubmaster is standing behind the Arrow of Light board and boys will be facing him)
Cubmaster: The emblem you see before you represents the Arrow of Light. The seven candles represent the rays in the Arrow of Light. These candles also represent the Seven Virtues of Life.

(Cubmaster then lights each of the candles one at a time and says):

1. This candle represents Wisdom
2. This candle represents Courage
3. This candle represents Self-Control
4. This candle represents Justice
5. This candle represents Faith
6. This candle represents Hope
7. This candle represents Love.
Akela: And the largest candle of them all represents the "Spirit of Akela"
(He then lights the candle)

Cubmaster: If you live by the seven great virtues and the "Spirit of Akela" you will become a happy man and a happy man is a successful man.
(At this time the boys turn and face audience so parents will be facing audience too)
Will the parents of these Webelos Scouts please come and stand behind your son.
Present the leader with the Arrow of Light to give to the Webelos.


Another request for an advancement ceremony that I had recently seen in a ceremony booklet sent to me by Dave Deutsch.

Equipment: Oversized key cut out and painted gold, written on it is "Scout Spirit, and an old key on a string.

CM: We have with us tonight someone who has just joined the Cub Scout program. Will and his parents please come forward?

The Cub Scout program will face you with many challenges. You will be required to attend weekly den meetings and monthly pack meetings. You will need to work with leaders and also at home with your parents. In order to achieve the highest rank in Cub Scouting, you must now set your sights on the Arrow of Light. Many times you may get discouraged because the trail seems steep and hard to climb.

There is a key to achieving each of these goals. The key to Cub Scouting. Do you know what the key is? (Wait for answer of no and the produce the oversized key.)

The key to Scouting is "Scout Spirit." "Scout Spirit" includes teamwork. It includes fair play and good sportsmanship. It includes that "something special' that makes scouts want to be the best they can be at everything they do. This key will unlock the door of achievement.

Remember, with this key to Scouting - "Scout Spirit" - you can now step on the Scouting trail. This small key is a reminder of the Key to Cub Scouting. (hang key around his neck.)

And that first step is rewarded with the Bobcat rank. I will present this award to your parents in token of the help they have given you. They may pin it on your uniform. (Do so.)


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