Volume 5 Issue 5
December 1998


Heart of America Council

When we hear the word "fitness" it gives us the image of a healthy body. For each one of us to keep our bodies in good shape, we have to overcome a lot of temptations. The athlete activity badge stress health through physical activity. The fitness activity badge is designed to inform the boys against the effects of tobacco, drugs, alcohol and help our bodies with proper diet and exercise.
This badge is an excellent way to encourage our boys to say 'NO' to drugs and alcohol. The boys are never too young to be educated to the daily temptations that could confront them in their everyday lives. Fitness is for all of us.


  1. Help each boy develop his own exercise routine. Have an instruction seminar, showing the boys what exercises are available, and which exercise does what for a boy. A den chief or older boy would be helpful in demonstrating.
    2. Make a fitness chart like the one below, for each boy and fill in the exercises chosen.

Fitness Chart

Pack Activities

Show progress made by a display of fitness charts at pack meeting. Have each boy demonstrate one of the exercises from his fitness routine.

Date Sit-ups Jumping Jacks Push-Ups Squat Thrust Running

Ideas for Den Meetings
Indian Nations Council

1. Review newspaper articles to see how many of the stories that relate to violence (fights, fires, car accidents, etc.) involve the use of alcohol.
2. Have the boys collect advertisements for tobacco and really look at the ad. Help the boys see that the activities in those ads have nothing to do with the use of tobacco. Have them read the warning on the ads. Note the size of the ad in relation to the ad.
3. Collect other ads for alcohol. Look closely at what the people are doing? Can you do those things without alcohol? How do ads try to influence a person?
4. Make a poster and collages of the newspaper and magazine ad and articles. Have the boys share what they have learned from these.
5. Be sure to encourage all parents to sit down and read the parents guide in front of the Webelos book and talk with their sons about the information it contains.

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