Volume 5 Issue 5
December 1998


Building A Better World
Santa Clara Council

11 Cub Scouts, each holding a card with a letter on the front and his line on the back. Each speaker holds up his letter as he says his line. Last line is delivered by all.

Take a B for brotherhood, boosting for each others good.

Take an E for every land to share in earth's riches everywhere

Take a T for trustfulness, trusting more, and fearing less.

Take a T for teamwork, for joining hands to put things through.

Take an E for an equal chance for each nation to advance.

Take an R for real respect in spite of race, creed or sect.

Take a W for will to work for peace with faith and skill.

Take an O for opportunity to keep our speech and action free

Take an R for reverence for a guiding providence.

Take an L for love to spread around when need and bitterness are found.

Take a D for dignity of man devoted to a bigger plan.

(All hold letters up)
There you have it--that is how to build a BETTER WORLD, right now.

Tools In Cub Scouting
Santa Clara Council

Cub Scout 1: (carrying a hammer) In Cub Scouts we learn to build character.
Cub Scout 2: (carrying a plank) It is not what the boy does to the wood, but rather what the wood does for the boy.
Cub Scout 3: (carrying a plane) Through Cub Scouting we learn to remove the sharp edges off our personalities.
Cub 4: (carrying sandpaper) As we grow in Cub Scouting, we become more refined and smooth in our manners.
Cub Scout 5: (carrying a tool chest) Our talents are gathered together and we get a chance to try them out when our den works on the themes each month.
Cub Scout 6: (walking with a parent) Our parents help us learn how to use the tools of life when they help us pass our achievements.
All: Thank you all for helping us grow into well-rounded citizens.

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