Volume 5 Issue 5
December 1998


Bridge Building 101
Simon Kenton Council

Materials: 20 full pages of newspaper. One roll of adhesive tape.

Make several teams using the parents and boys. The object is to make a bridge as strong as possible. The bridge must span an imaginary river of 20 inches. The winner can be the bridge that is the strongest, if several are actually made.
Using judges is the best way to decide the winner, using categories: Looks most like a real bridge, Looks least like a real bridge; Looks like you guys were not building a bridge at all, etc.
Takes 10 to 15 minutes, or this game can be a project for the Webelos dens to bring into the Pack meeting.
Options: Add 10 feet of dental floss and one small tube of glue.

Please check out the last page for an additional pre-opening activity that I did.

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