Volume 5 Issue 5
December 1998


Since you are, or maybe should be, gearing up for your Blue and Gold Banquets I have some leader recognition ideas that I thought you would enjoy. Here is a letter from Mike Bowman on recognition he posted on Scouts-L

Went shopping today and already the merchants are geared up for the Christmas season. Made me think that it is going to start getting awfully busy before too very long. As we move into the season pressures on our time may mount up, so it may be a good idea to think about a special gift now before we get too busy.

What this? He's flipped right? Nope, I'm talking about a simple gift that any of you can give. It's called recognition of the efforts of fellow Scouters for the sacrifices they've made to help out their Scouts.

You see, in most Councils nominations for some pretty important awards must be submitted before too long. In many Councils nominations for the Silver Beaver award are due at the end of December and nominations for the District Award of Merit are due in January.

If you have a dedicated Scouter of long tenure that has really gone the extra mile to be of service, you may want to ask for a nomination form at your local Scout Service Center. The Silver Beaver Award is the highest honor given to an adult Scouter by a Council. Nationally recipients have an average of 11 years tenure and have made contributions at the Council, District, and Unit level. The District Award of Merit recognizes outstanding contributions at a District level. There is no requirement for either award that a Scouter have filled a particular position. So get out your pens and write up a nomination, if you know a deserving person.

Similarly, most religious organizations have an adult award for outstanding service to youth, Scouting, and the religious organization. If you know of an adult leader who has been active in his/her religious organization and has given outstanding service, you may want to consider a nomination for this individual. Tenure requirements vary by religious organization. For more information contact your Council's Religious Relationships Committee.
There are many other adult training and achievement recognitions in Scouting as well. If you have adult leaders that meet the requirements, take the time to give them the gift of recognition. And even if they don't meet the requirements yet, special homemade recognitions, certificates, and fun awards are always appreciated.


Mike Bowman a/k/a Professor Beaver (mfbowman@usscouts.org)
Webmastering in the Scouting Spirit from Alexandria, VA
http://usscouts.org http://members.aol.com/netcommish/


For our Blue and Gold I have taken the yellow playtex gloves, filled them with that insulation that gets hard, then decorated them like a hand. At Walmart I got the cheap jewels and put them on like rings and bracelets, etc. and gave them a "helping Hand" award. Then one year I took cheap slippers and panty hose and made a face with glue on eyes and hair from like Hobby Lobby to rest their feet from all the running around. Then next year I took really cheap hats and made them so tacky! I glued blue and yellow netting on them with blue and gold jewels on them. That was for all the hats they have worn in scouting
Nancy Jones

Last year I wrote this recognition poem for my daughter's basketball coaches. I have made a few changes to the words but I thought I would reprint it.

A Den Leader's PayDay

(substitute the candy where you see *)
Sometimes we were Butterfingers
But always a Joy
We always did Snicker
After all, we are boys.

We wanted to give you$100,000 Grand
But had Zero money
So that idea was canned.

We M & Made you this card
With Mounds of love and rhyme
To thank you for giving up
so much of your time.

Put in a row of Hershey Hugs and Kisses and have the Cubs sign it. I used poster board for mounting the candy and a calligraphy pen for printing the poem.

Visit Professor Beaver's site with lighthearted, fun award ideas

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