Volume 5 Issue 5
December 1998


The Pancake Toss
San Francisco Bay Area Council

Take several old ping pong paddles or make paddles out of scraps of wood. The first boy on each team takes a paddle and flips a leather pancake to a finish line and back. The next boy takes the paddle and does the same till everyone has had his turn. First team finished wins.


Make a set of tool flashcards. Using 3x5 cards put pictures of tools on them. Make two cards of each tool. The name of the tool can be written on the back if needed. These can be used in several ways:

  1. Concentration - put all cards face down on table or floor. Boys take turns turning over two cards at a time. If cards match the boy keeps them. If unmatched he must turn them back over trying to remember them for later. The winner is the boy with the most cards when all have been matched.
  2. Use as regular flashcards to help Cub Scouts learn all the names of the various tools.
  3. Use as flashcards with boy telling the use of the tool on the card held up.

Tool Charades
San Francisco Bay Area

Instead of a title or saying, give the boys the names of tools. Each must then get his team to guess the tool by pantomiming its use.

Paper Cup Pyramid
Trapper Trails Council

One member of each den wears a cardboard hat (a square piece of cardboard that is fastened under the chin with string.) Each team builds a pyramid by placing a layer of cups on top of each other. The highest pyramid in 5 minutes wins, if it doesn't fall.

Do a pyramid stunt have boys make a three level pyramid like cheerleaders do.

The following game can be used as a pre-opening activity at the Pack Meeting. I used the theme of the month for this activity so it
Directions: Write a word that begins with each of the letters in Cubstuction, but also fits the category














U.S. City                        
Foreign City                        
President (First or Last name)                        

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