Volume 5 Issue 5
December 1998


Johnny fixes it good!
York-Adams Area Council

Here is an Audience Participation skit for the theme. The characters and their sounds are:

Johnny: "I can fix it!"
dad: ""Be careful, son."
wrench: "Oh Nuts!"
screwdriver: "Straight or Phillips?"
bike: "Drrrinnngggg, Drrrinnngggg"
pliers: "Hold me tight!"

Johnny had a problem. His bike was broken. Now Johnny and his dog, Ralph, could not ride to the park to play with his friends. But Johnny, being a very smart Cub Scout, knew how to fix the bike. However, he needed a box-end wrench, a pair of pliers, and a screwdriver. So he asked his dad if he could borrow a box-end wrench, a pair of pliers, and a screwdriver. His dad said "Sure, but make sure you take care of the box-end wrench, pliers, and screwdriver and return them as soon as you’re finished. "I will dad," said Johnny. So Johnny and Ralph went into the back yard to fix his bike with the box-end wrench, pliers, and screwdriver. Since Johnny knew how to use a box-end wrench, a pair of pliers, and a screwdriver, bike was soon fixed and ready to ride. Ralph helped all he could. Johnny took a quick spin to make sure everything was alright and then he called Ralph to go with him to the park. "Oh," said Johnny. "I’d better return these tools to dad before we go." But when he reached for the tools, the pliers and screwdriver were there but the pliers were missing. "Oh no! What would dad think?" said Johnny. He looked all around for the pliers. He looked in the bushes, but no pliers! He looked all over the yard, but no pliers! Finally, he noticed Ralph digging in the garden. Johnny went over to Ralph and there were the pliers in his bone hole. So the pliers were found. And Johnny was able to return the box-end wrench, the pliers, and the screwdriver to his dad. Everyone was happy the bike was all fixed—except Ralph!

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