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Big Idea #7 Helping Others

Denver Area Council

Practice the Cub Scout Salute, handshake and sign; set up a trash walk for your community; have a Tiger food drive and donate what is collected to a local food band. Go visit the food bank when you drop off what you collected. Talk about how family members help each other at home.

Helping Others

Greater St. Louis Area Council

This meeting should really be held in November. You have already participated in Scouting for Food and you have helped others by doing this. This week before Thanksgiving would be perfect for this meeting. Borrow the book "Stone Soup" from your local library. Assign boys different items to bring to your meeting, such as the potato, the carrot, and other items brought by the townspeople in the story. Assemble in a kitchen, if possible, if not, make sure you have two identical crockpots. Bring a nice stone and put it in the bottom of the crockpot with some water. Have the Tigers, as you read the story, bring their item up and you will put it in the crockpot. After reading the story, have the Tigers prepare the table, and bring out the other identical pot with vegetable soup that you have made ahead of time. Sit down and enjoy your stone soup and be thankful for the gift of sharing.

Snowball Throw

Use a large wad of cotton or a Styrofoam ball. The boys sit in a circle facing each other. "IT" sits in the middle of the circle and everyone tosses the snowball over "IT" while "IT" try's to catch the snowball. Once "IT" catches the snowball, the Tiger who threw the snowball becomes "IT".

Musical Package

A small package is wrapped in masses of paper and string in a circle, players pass the package as the music plays. When the music stops, Tiger with the package unwraps one layer. Start the music again. Tiger who unwraps the final layer gets a small trinket.

Indian Nations Council


1. Visit a nursing home.

2. Take a tray of favors for the children's ward of a hospital.

3. Visit community organizations who give aid to the needy.

4. Visit a recycling center. Take aluminum cans and/or plastic containers.

Tiger Cub Activities

Name Tag

The boys can make a helping hand name tag. The boys trace their hand on fun foam or construction paper. You can hot glue or use Elmers glue to attach a safety pin. You can also use a straight pin.

Greeting Cards

Preparation: Ahead of time, leader makes eraser rubber stamps using Art Gum Erasers. Draw a simple design on side or end of eraser. With X-acto (or other sharp knife) cut away the background, so that the design is raised about 1/8" or more. Boys use any rubber stamp with stamp pad ink. Then fold paper like a greeting card. Boys decorate the front and inside as desire.

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