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Catching Snowflakes

Greater St. Louis Area Council

Because snowflakes melt so quickly when they land on a warm surface, catching them requires some planning. Chill a dark sheet of construction paper outdoors on in the freezer. Examine single flakes with a magnifying glass as they land on the paper. (Before they melt!)

Permanent impressions of snowflakes can be made by catching falling flakes on a chilled pane of glass that has been sprayed with chilled hair spray or artists' fixative. (Both the glass and the spray can be stored in the freezer to await use) Keeping the prepared glass as cold as possible, take it outdoors and allow some flakes to settle on it. When you have collected enough, take the glass indoors and let it dry at room temperature for about 15 minutes. You'll have a permanent record of some of nature's most amazing designs.

Hard Candy Christmas

Greater St. Louis Area Council


2 Rubber Bands 5"-diameter coffee can
Thick craft glue Approx. 36 candy sticks
1 yd 1"wide ribbon Flowers or small potted tree

Place the rubber bands around the coffee can, positioning 1 near the top and 1 near the bottom. Apply glue to 1 side of 1 candy stick. Slip the candy stick under the rubber bands, with the glue side toward the can. Continue in this manner until the can is covered. Let the glue dry.

Remove the rubber bands. Tie the ribbon in a knot around the center of the candy-covered can. Fill the vase with water and flowers or a small Christmas tree.

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