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Let's Celebrate Christmas

(Trapper Trails Council)

CHRISTMAS - Let it snow

SANTA - Ho, Ho, Ho

ANY REINDEER NAME -I'll pull Santa's Sleigh

One CHRISTMAS Eve the weather was horrible. The snowstorm was so bad SANTA could not see past the front of his cherry nose. What was SANTA to do? He asked all of his reindeer for helpful ideas.

DASHER told SANTA he could try to fly extra fast. This would create static energy, which would light up the sky. Unfortunately, even though DASHER could dash very fast, it wasn't fast enough.

DANCER and PRANCER found some CHRISTMAS tree lights to tie to the sleigh, but as soon as SANTA and the reindeer were 100 feet off the ground the cord came unplugged and they were in the dark again.

RUDOLPH who usually saved the day with his bright shiny nose had finally gotten over his cold and now had a regular black one like all the other reindeer.

VIXEN and BLITZEN gathered up some tinsel that sparkled. CUPID and DONNER who thought it was hay, ate it for a late night snack.

COMET decided to shine the chrome on SANTA'S sleigh. It shone so brightly SANTA could see for miles. Everyone had a great CHRISTMAS that year thanks to COMET and some elbow grease.

Merry Christmas

San Francisco Bay Area Council

Divide the group into two parts, naming one part MERRY and the other CHRISTMAS. Whenever the word MERRY is mentioned the MERRY group tries to out do the CHRISTMAS group with their HO-HO-HO.

Merry and Christmas are two words so bright,

Who float around in December both day and night.

If Merry is spoken, Christmas is next said,

For they belong together, all in Green and Red.

If Christmas were separated from Merry it would be so sad

And everyone would certainly feel very bad.

So to keep Christmas Merry right from the start,

Remember to feel Merry Christmas deep in your heart

So when you say it, you'll really sound merry

Then Christmas for you -- A true meaning will carry.

So let's do it now with all your might

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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