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Turkey or no Turkey?
Viking Council

Characters: five country boys and one turkey.
Costumes: the turkey is a boy dressed with construction paper feathers and beak, crepe paper wattle and wearing yellow leggings. Boys wear jeans or overalls with plaid shirts.

Scene 1

Setting: The country boy has raised the Thanksgiving turkey. It has come time for the bird to be readied for dinner. The boy and the turkey are sitting on the ground by a tree stump looking sad. The boy holds a blue ribbon.

#1: (Walks across stage behind the boy and turkey.) Well, it's almost time. (He sits down and looks at them sadly.)

#2: (Walks in and sits down.) Boy, a drumstick will sure taste good. I can hardly wait! He looks at the other boys and the turkey, and says "Oops, sorry!" (He stands and pets the bird on the head, then sits back down looking sad.)

#3: (Walks over to join others.) We're really going to have to get (Whispers and points) him ready soon. (Notices that everyone is sad, so he sits down with the others.)

#4: (Comes in carrying an axe. The other boys begin to cry and pet the bird.) "It's time!"

As the curtain closes, the turkey is leaning over the tree stump with the last boy holding a cardboard axe over his neck.

Scene 2

Setting: All boys and the turkey are seated at the table. All have heads bowed.

#5: Thank you Lord, for this corn which we are about to eat. (The turkey looks at the audience and gives an exaggerated wink.)

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