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Simon Kenton Council

In a saucer place a tablespoonful or more of uncooked noodles. Each person must try to compose a ten word message out of the alphabet noodles. This could be done in couples or singly as gathering time activity.


Riddles and Jokes
Viking Council

This is an easy way to get your Den Chief or denner involved with the boys as they arrive. Everyone likes jokes and riddles. For more ideas, look in the current issue of Boys Life Magazine.

*A Pilgrim had nine ears of corn in his barn. Each day a squirrel came to the barn and went away with three ears. It took nine days to remove all the corn. Why?

(The squirrel went away with three ears, buy only one was corn. The other two were his own!)

An Indian had 2 1/2 piles of corn in one field. He had 1 1/2 piles of corn in another field. Then he put them together. How many piles did he have?


What kind of music did the Pilgrims dance to?
(The Plymouth Rock).

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