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Ring the Turkey
(Will Rogers Council)

Cut out the shape of a turkey (or any shape consistent with season or monthly theme) from cardboard or wood. Paint and decorate the cut-out. Hammer nails into the turkey at different places. This is the target. Place it about 8 to 10 feet away. Have each player throw rubber jay rings at the turkey. The winner is determined by the number of rings that catch on the target. If you wish, you can mark each nail worth a certain number of points.

(Will Rogers Council)

One player is chosen to be the questioner. He may ask any other of the other players whatever personal questions he might choose, such as - "What do you think your legs look like?", "What are your shoes made of?". "To what do you attribute your handsome looks and charm?", etc. Whatever the question, the player being asked must reply "sausages!" The first player who smiles or laughs or giggles or smirks or grins or guffaws or shows any other emotion other than deadly seriousness is out, and he becomes the questioner.

Capture the Fort
Buckskin Council

Divide players into two sides: Attackers and Defenders.
Defenders form a circle, holding hands and facing outward, with their captain in the center.
Attackers surround the fort at about eight or ten paces distant. They try to kick a soccer ball into the fort; it may go through the legs of the defenders or over their heads. If it goes over their heads, the captain may catch it and throw it out. But if it touches the ground inside the circle, the fort is captured and the players change sides.

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