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Big Idea #2 Family Entertainment
Denver Area Council

Let the Tigers talk about things their family likes to do for entertainment. Practice the Tiger Promise, make up a den yell for pack meetings, go roller skating with all the Tiger families, go to a movie as a tiger family group. At your next Pack meeting give your den yell. Make Wax paper sun catchers.

Wax Paper Sun Catchers

Collect leaves, flowers, weeds and press them for a few days before the Tiger meeting in a large phone book. Tigers place leaves, flowers etc. on a sheet of waxed paper (about 12" square). The Tigers then make crayon shavings with an inexpensive plastic pencil sharpener. They sprinkle a few wax shavings between the flowers and leaves. Cover the wax paper with another sheet of wax paper. The DEN LEADER then uses an iron on medium setting to fuse the two pieces of wax paper together and melt the crayon shavings (works best if you put a piece of brown paper sack under the bottom piece of wax paper and another piece of the brown paper sack between the top piece of wax paper and then iron.)

Istrouma Council

Opening: Recite the Tiger Cub Promise
Search: Plan to go bowling for the group activity of the month. Decide where, the time and cost.
Discover: Explain the rules of bowling to the boys. Make a bowling game. Have each team bring an empty 2 liter pop bottle. At the meeting cover the main part of the bottle with a strip of paper and number the pins accordingly 1 through 10. Set them up. Roll a ball towards the pins. Score as in regular bowling or make up your own point.
Share: Share some family activities from the past month or discuss your favorite sport.
Closing: Recite the Tiger Cub Motto.

The following idea (sent to me by Linda, Pack 5, North Providence, RI for Getting to Know You Big Idea) works for the Tiger themes I am covering in this issue: Family Entertainment and Making Your Family Special.

Family Tree
Supplies Needed:
1 cleaned coffee can
plaster paris
small branches
hole punch
pictures of the scouts family and favorite items

1. Find sticks during a short opening hike in the yard of the meeting place.
2. Take a piece of cardboard cut a slot from one end to the middle. Make a hole in the middle.
3. Mix the plaster in the coffee can as directed on package.
4. Put the small sticks inside the plaster, put the cardboard ring around the sticks to hold the sticks upright. Let dry to the next meeting.
5. Have the boys cut out their favorite pictures in circles, ovals, squares etc. Punch a hole on the top, thread the ribbon through the hole. The next or the boys can do at home, tie the pictures on the tree branches.
6. Put spag-a-moss around the base of the container.
7. At the following meeting, have the boys say their name and talk about who is on the pictures and why they picked them.
*You can decorate the bottom of the can with wallpaper, construction paper, or shelving paper to hide the coffee can.
My boys loved doing this and the boys who usually didn't speak during the meetings you couldn't shut them up. Two boys found out they both had baby brothers with the same name Evan and the same age, they found out they liked doing the same sports, t.v. shows etc..

Den Yells

Tigers have the spirit, Yes we do! Tigers have spirit, How 'bout you?
The wonderful thing about Tigers…is Tigers are wonderful things!
We're the Tigers and we're proud to say We'll be back next year as Wolves 'cause that's the Cub Scout Way.

Tiger Cub Scouts is our name
We wear orange but we are tame
We are first graders with a plan
On how to become a man
As we grow you will see
How strong and straight and true we'll be
We are searching all around
We are discovering our town
Now we want to share with you
Come and be a Tiger too
We are Tiger Cubs it's true
But soon we'll be the boys in blue!

Big Idea #11 --Making you Family Special
Have a family sing-a-long, be prepared to sing at your next Pack meeting; make a family message board; make a "Tiger Tail scrap book; have each Tiger tell what makes his family special. Go and have a family picnic.

Hand Center
Heart of America Council

Have each member of your family trace around their hand on stiff paper. Discuss how family hands are alike or different, how they do different jobs. Cut out hands and make them into faces. Glue the face on straw to make a puppet. Make up a skit and have the family act it out with their hand puppets.

Istrouma Council Big Idea # 12

Opening: Recite the Tiger Cub Motto
Search: Plan to visit a bakery or a grocery store.
Discover: Have each Tiger Cub Team make sugar cookies to bring to the meeting. Decorate them with different colored icing and use as a treat for the meeting.
Play "Card Toss" - Place a hat on the floor six feet from a chair. Each player takes a turn tossing cards into the hat one at a time. Decide what point value to give the cards.
Share: Talk about things someone in the family has made.
Closing: Recite the Tiger Cub Motto

I've Got That Tiger Cub Spirit (Song)
Heart of America Council

I've got that Tiger Cub spirit
Up in my head, up in my head
Up in my head.
I've got that Tiger Cub spirit
Up in my head, up in my head to stay.
(Replace "head" with other words in last four verses.)
I've got that Tiger Cub spirit
Deep in my heart, etc.
(Continue as in first verse.)
I've got that Tiger Cub spirit
Down in my feet, etc.
I've got that Tiger Cub Spirit
All over me, etc.
I've got that Tiger Cub spirit
Up in my head.
Deep in my feet.
I've got that Tiger Cub spirit
All over me, all over me to stay.
Motion: For more spirit, you can point to each part of the body as you sing.

Tiger Stripes
Heart of America Council

Props: One boy (back to audience with polka dots on him) All Tigers except one on stage.
One boy enters asking each boy in turn, "Why do tigers have stripes?" Each boy replies, "I don't know." Until he asks the last boy, who turns around and says, "Because tigers look funny in polka dots." All laugh and run off stage.

Closing Ceremonies
Heart of America Council
(Have Tigers share lines or say all as one group.)

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for coming, and goodnight to you all.


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