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If a butcher is 5'10", what does he weigh?
What is a mummy's favorite kind of music?
Wrap music

Denver Area Council

Monster Child: Mommy, may I eat my corn on the cob with my fingers?
Monster Mom: NO…Eat you fingers separately.

Leader: What is a monsters's favorite summer drink?
Scout: Ghoul-aid.

From Lydia

Boy Scouts from the city were on a camping trip. The mosquitoes were so fierce, the boys had to hide under their blankets to avoid being bitten. Then one of them saw some lightning bugs and said to his friend, "We might as well give up. They are coming after us with flashlights."

From Lorie

Anna's mother has three daughters. The youngest is named Penny. The middle one is named Nickel. What is the name of the oldest daughter?
The oldest daughter's is name is Anna.


Find an empty Cheer detergent box, put in different cheers (yells) on several pieces of paper. When it is time for a cheer, let one of your scouts come up and pick one out of the Cheer box and let him lead it.

One of my favorites Handkerchief Cheer: Tell the Cubs that they can yell as loud as the can until your handkerchief hits the floor. You can drop it from your waist, throw it as high as you can, pretend that you are going to throw it, and then don't let go.

Can of Applause
Indian Nations Council

Have a can with a lid, scream and cheer when lifting lid, no noise is allowed when lid is shut.

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