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The Coffin
Greater St. Louis Area Council

Although this skit has only three Scouts acting out the parts, the whole den or pack could get involved in putting together this skit for the pack meeting. What works best for your pack or den is what will be best for putting together this skit. But scenery could be made, sound effects added, animals could be in the woods
On a camping trip, three Scouts saw a strange green glow on a house up on the hill from their campsite. Being adventurous, these Scouts waited until everyone else went to bed and decided to investigate.
Armed only with their trusty flashlights, they left the campsite in search of the origins of the strange green glow. They crossed a meadow and entered a wooded area and finally came to the gate of this old house. The house appeared to be abandoned and was in disrepair.
They carefully approached the house. One of the Scouts decided this was too creepy for him and he told the others that he would wait on the porch for them.
The other two Scouts opened the front door and entered the house. There were cobwebs everywhere. No one had been in this house for years. One of the two Scouts decided this was too creepy for him too and told his friend that he would stand guard at the front door.
The lone Scout looked all around the house. He looked up the stairs and saw the faint green glow. As he ascended the stairs, the green glow became brighter. As he reached the top of the stairs, he looked into one of the rooms. There stood a coffin floating in the middle of the room!
Frightened, he started running down the hall away from the coffin, the coffin followed. He ran down the stairs to his friend at the door, the coffin followed. They ran out the door to the gate to their friend, the coffin followed.
The three Scouts ran into the woods, the coffin followed. They ran across the meadow, the coffin followed. They took a wrong turn on their way back to their campsite and ended up by a cave, the coffin followed. Cornered against the cave wall, there was no place to turn and still the coffin followed. Cornered against the cave wall, there was no place to turn and still the coffin followed.
They were doomed! The youngest of the three Scouts reached into his pocket and put something into his mouth. All of a sudden the coffin disappeared!
Amazed, the other two Scouts asked him what he put in his mouth. After they reached camp, the youngest Scout told his friends what he put in his mouth. A cough drop to stop the coffin!

Black and Blue Ghost
Mount Diablo Silverado Area Council

A man walks into a hotel lobby and asks the clerk for a room. The clerk responds that he only has one room left, and he hesitates to rent it out because it is haunted. The man takes it anyway, and crawls into bed. Soon a ghost clad in a white sheet appears and moan "I am the white eyed ghost in the white sheet, and this is my room. GO AWAY!" The man runs out. This scene is repeated a few more times with different guest. Finally, a big burly man checks in. When the ghost appears he exclaims, "You'll be the black eyed ghost in the black and blue sheet unless you get out of here!" The ghost runs off.

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