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What If. . .?
Greater St. Louis Area Council

The following are story ideas you can use during a quiet time in your den meeting. Let each scout pick one these ideas (you can add a few of your own), give him a few minutes and let him finish the story. Imaginations can be very powerful and lots of fun, too.

  1. What if a plane landed in the school yard one day?
  2. What if you saw a zebra grazing in front of your house one morning?
  3. What if you found a turtle in your bathtub?
  4. What if you were traveling in a wagon hundreds of years ago?
  5. What if your pet could talk?
  6. What if someone gave you three wishes: what would you wish for?
  7. What if you were principal for a day: what would you do?
  8. What if you were invisible?
  9. What if aliens took you for a ride in their spaceship?
  10. What if you could fly?


If I Could Be. . .
Greater St. Louis Area Council

Imagine being a tennis shoe, a backpack, or a jet ski: Using pictures from newspapers or magazines, have each scout select one picture of an inanimate object and write or tell a story from that object's point of view using as many of the following questions as possible:

What are you and what do you do:
Where were you purchased:
Who purchased you?
Where did your new owner take you?
What adventure did you have with your new owner?
What is the world like from your point of view?


Greater St. Louis Area Council


I'd like to be Cub Scout
That's what I'd really like.
Swimming boating, camping, hiking,
Riding on my bike.
Making cars for Pinewood Derby
To enter in the race.
And if I make one good enough
I just might win first place.

I'd like to be a Cub Scout
There's so much I can learn.
There's games to play and things to make
And badges I can earn.
I can help by raising money
Selling popcorn, pizzas too.
Not to mention candy bars

And our annual barbecue.
There's Scouting for Food in November
And Good Turn the last of May
When we honor our brave servicemen
With flags on the graves where they lay.

Come on and be a Cub Scout
A Cub Scout just like me.
Come on and be a part of our
Cub Scout Family.
You will learn the Cub Scout Promise
And a uniform you will wear.
At first you'll be a Tiger
Then Bobcat, Wolf and Bear
And last, you'll be a Webelos
Two years of that and then
You will graduate to Boy Scouts
To a Troop that builds young men.


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