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You Are!
Indian Nation Council
Pantomime these situations

1.You are happy while playing catch.
2. You are hungry for lunch.
3. You are surprised at receiving a birthday present.
4. You are sad after dropping a glass.
5. You are cheerful as you sweep the floor.
6. You are not interested in a TV program.
7. You are sleepy as you go to bed.
8. You are cold as you stand in the snow.
9. You are tired after playing hard.
10. You are excited over a ball game.

Funny Faces
Santa Clara County Council

Have the boys stand in a line. The first boy turns around and makes a face at the boy behind him. Use hands and fingers and make the face as outrageous as possible. The second player imitates the face and passes it on to the next player. Let the last player go to the head of the line and make a new face to start the game over.

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