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Tommy Joins A Cub Scout Pack
Greater St. Louis Area Council

Cubmaster: Tonight, I would like to tell you a story about a boy named Tommy and how he became a Cub Scout. I need your help to tell this story. Would you supply a part of the story by being one of it's characters, when you hear the name of your character, call out your part.
or Tiger Cubs - "Go Tigers"
Bobcats - "Give a Roar"
Wolfs - "Give a Howl
Bears - "Give a Growl"
Webelos - "A Scoutin' we will go"
Mother, Father or Parents - "That's my son"
All Cub Scouts - "We'll Do Our Best"

Our story begins when Tommy started back to school after a summer of fun. One day his teacher passed out notes saying, "Be a Tiger Cub." All first grade boys and their Parents are invited to come to a meeting to hear about this Scouting Program.
He went to the meeting with his Mother and they learned that Tiger Cubs, BSA was a Scouting program planned especially for boys in the first grade. The lady at the meeting said the Tiger Cubs was not like Cub Scouts where the boys worked on advancement, starting as Bobcats and working to earn their Wolf Badge, moving on to the Bear Book and earning the Badge and then becoming Webelos. As Tiger Cubs, they would team with their Mother or Father to form a Tiger Cub den. The boys and their adult partners work together on activities called "Big Ideas": and once a month one of the family teams would plan a special activity for the whole group.
She said that their Tiger Cub Den would meet with the Cub Scout Pack for special events, also would be invited to the Blue and Gold Banquet and when they moved on to become Cubs, there would be a special graduation ceremony at the Pack Meeting. Each month, the Tiger Cub Den did something special and Tommy and his Mother would do the special things suggested in their "Family Activity Book." One month the Tiger Cub Den used the "Discover Nature and Energy" Big Idea and visited a Veterinarian in the community. At home they fed the birds and looked at the stars as part of that Big Idea. Each time they did an activity, he put a Tiger Cub sticker on his Activity Chart. February came and the Tiger Cub Den received invitations to the Pack's Blue and Gold Dinner. Each family in the Tiger Cub Den was invited to be guests of Den Two and he had a chance to meet the boys in the Den. Joe and Bill were still Bobcats but had completed the Wolf requirements and would get their badges at the dinner. Jerry and George were working on the Bear book; Jim and John would soon become Webelos. The Den made his family feel very welcome and Tommy knew that he wanted to be a Cub Scout.
As the meeting progressed he watched all of the Cub Scouts and their Parents go forward to receive their awards. The Cubs were presented with their Badges and Arrow Points. One Webelos Scout received his Arrow of Light. He was so proud. Two boys joined the Pack and received their Bobcat Badges. Tommy could hardly wait for the time when he would stand in front of the Pack and become a Cub Scout.
After the Blue and Gold, the Tiger Cub Den met each month as usual. The boys talked about the Blue and Gold, the fun they had, and when they would become Cub Scouts. They were becoming anxious.
One day, when Tommy came home from school, his Mother had great news for him. Mr. Smith, the Cubmaster, was coming over to talk to them about his graduation into the Pack. He could hardly eat his supper.
When Mr. Smith arrived, he talked to both of his folks about Cub Scouts and how the Parents of the boys in the Pack were the leaders. He said, that when Tommy became a Cub Scout the Pack would count on them for support, too. His Mother said that she had enjoyed working with the Tiger Cubs and that she looked forward to Cub Scouts. His Dad said that Scouting had become a part of the family and that he would be glad to help, too.
So the Big Day came, the Tiger Cub Den stood before the Pack, each boy was welcomed with his family to Cub Scouting and at last Tommy was a Cub Scout. He was ready to venture forward on the next step in his Scouting Adventure.

Moaners and Groaners Stunt
Indian Nations Council

Divide the audience into two groups, Moaners and Groaners, have them practice sounds appropriate to their names. Then ask them to sound off when they hear their word as you read this story:

Moaner and Groaner were two little ghosts,
Who spent all their time with outrageous boasts.
If Moaner told Groaner a tale that was tall,
Groaner would not let that faze him at all.
For whatever Moaner said, Groaner said more,
And that made Moaner so mad he went through the door.
Left Groaner alone, and did he feel sorry?
He cried till he died, and thus ends my story of
Moaner and Groaner, two boasting ghosts,
Who died of an overdose of ghostly boasts.

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