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Halloween Advancement
Greater St. Louis Area Council

(Have the following items attached to the awards: black cat, moon, jack o'lantern, ghost. These can be pictures or small party type favors).

Cubmaster (dressed in costume):
Tonight's festivities inclue ghoulish prizes. Will the following ghouls and goblins please come forward? (Call forward scouts receiving Bobcat, Wolf, Bear and Webelos badges).
The black cats tonight are receiving their Bobcat badge. These cats are cunning and are ready to learn new tricks.
The werewolves tonight are receiving their Wolf badge. As the moon becomes full, these guys know how to sink their teeth into their next conquest.
Bears are ferocious looking creatures and like this jack o'lantern, they may look scary, but have a warm glow to them.
Ghosts are mysterious spirits. They appear to us out of nowhere, like these Webelos. They frighten us with their ability to grasp new ideas and disappear to the world beyond. Just like these Webelos who will be leaving us soon to advance to Boy Scouting.

Greater St. Louis Area Council

Equipment: Log to hold 8 candles (one tall one), Bobcat badges
Cubmaster: (Light tall single candle)
Before you are candles arranged to represent your goals in Cub Scouting. The lighted candle represents the Spirit of Scouting. This spirit is always bright in your Leaders, your fellow Cub Scouts, your parents and yourself.
The candle of the Spirit of Cub Scouting is used to light the three front candles, which represent (light each one as they are explained) the three points of the Cub Scout Promise: Your duty to God and your Country - Your duty to yourself and to help other people - Your duty to the Law of the Pack.
We now light the four candles across the top, representing the four parts of the Law of the Pack: (Light each in turn)

The Cub Scout follows Akela
The Cub Scout helps the Pack go
The Pack helps the Cub Scout grow
The Cub Scout gives Goodwill
(Replace the candle of Scouting Spirit)

You should try to keep these lights burning within you at all times. If, for some reason, you should slip and fail to keep one of the laws - for example, if you fail to show good will, and are unkind (blow out the candle for Good Will) - the Spirit of Cub Scouting will rekindle the light showing Good Will (Re-light the Good Will candle)
You will notice that the light is more easily lighted when it has been kept alive before.
We are very proud to welcome you new Bobcats and your parents into Cub Scouting, and ask that you keep the Spirit of Cub Scouting burning in your lives.
We present the Bobcat patch to the parents who in turn will present them to their sons in recognition of the parent's support as well as the work done by the boy.
Now, Bobcat Scouts, give the Cub Scout sign, and repeat the Cub Scout Promise with the other Cub Scouts of Pack . CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Parent Induction
Greater St. Louis Area Council

Arrangement: Newly inducted Bobcats and their parents at front of the room.
Cubmaster: Parents of these new Cub Scouts, will you please give the Cub Scout sign and repeat after me:

As a parent of a Cub Scout,
I will do my best
To help my son
Live up to the Cub Scout Promise
And obey the Law of the Pack.
I will work with my son
On his achievements and projects.
I will attend the Pack Meetings
And help as needed
To make the Pack go.
Thank you and welcome to our Pack.

Den Advancement
Indian Nations Council

Cub Scout (name) has opened his imagination and has begun a journey down life's long road of many adventures. We of Den (number) are proud to present this bead of advacement to (name). May he wear it with the pride of Scouting as he continues on his next adventure (present bead, ask Cub Scout to give the Cub Scout Motto).

Secret Message Recognition

For each Cub Scout to be recognized, prepare a sheet of paper with a "Secret Message" on it, by writing on it in milk or lemon juice (as shown in the Wolf Cub Scout book). When the paper is held carefully over a heat source such as a light bulb, the message will appear:
Examples: Great job, Brian! Now aim for Bear.
Congratulations, Chris, you have earned your Bobcat.
Go for the Arrow of Light, Michael!

Advancement Ideas
Trapper Trails Council

Witches Cauldron - Pull awards out of cauldron. Dress like a witch or ghoul. If you put dry ice in empty milk carton in the cauldron and add a little water a few minutes before the awards are presented, it will be brewing. Pack awards outside the milk carton in the cauldron. Always use caution when using dry ice. Handle with gloves, do not put in your mouth and KEEP AWAY FROM THE KIDS!

Ghost - Attach awards to these ghosts or put in balloons. Blow up balloon and cover with white tissue paper. Tie with black and orange ribbon. Draw eyes.

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