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The Beaufort Wind Scale

The Beaufort Wind Scale was originally devised by Sir Francis Beaufort to describe windspeed in chart form. By watching the effect of wind on objects in the neighborhood, it is possible to estimate its speed. Copy the scale on a large sheet of cardboard and hang it in your den meeting place.



Effect of Wind



Calm Smoke rises vertically Less than 1


Light Air Smoke drifts 1 - 3


Light Breeze Leaves rustle 4 - 7


Gentle Breeze Flags fly 8 - 12


Moderate Breeze Dust, loose paper raised 13 - 18


Fresh Breeze Small trees sway 19 - 24


Strong Breeze Difficult to use umbrellas 25 - 31


Moderate Gale Difficult to walk 32 - 38


Fresh Gale Twigs break off trees 39 - 46


Strong Gale Slight damage to roofs 47 - 54


Whole Gale Trees uprooted 55 - 63


Storm Widespread damage 64 - 75


Hurricane Devastation Above 75

The Webelos Scouts might look for pictures in magazines, which fit the various descriptions above and add them to the chart in the proper places.
Use a calendar to keep track of wind speed over a period of time.

Which Eye?

Sam Houston Area Council

Ask the Webelos if they are right-eyed or left-eyed as they are right-handed and left-handed. They can check by extending a finger towards a distant object and keeping both eyes open. Then tell them to close their right eye. If their finger appears to jump, this means they are right-eyed, if it does not, they are left-eyed, since the left eye is dominant.

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