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Big Idea #1 --Getting To Know You
Denver Area Counci

Make a poster as a group with the Tiger Promise, Motto. Have name tag materials and make name tags. Make a totem topper for your Tiger den table. Have a family picnic, discuss what group things you would like to do this year. Open your meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, Tiger Motto (let the Tigers repeat after the leader). Get ready to go to your next pack meeting and be prepared to say the Tiger Motto. Start a Tiger den scrapbook by giving each Tiger a 3 ring notebook to decorate in one of your first den meeting.

Getting to Know You
Greater St. Louis Area Council

This activity should be used at your first Tiger Cub Meeting. Before the meeting trace the outline of a first grade boy onto large white freezer paper and cut out. Make an outline for each Tiger Cub that has registered in your Pack. Place and tape these outlines in a circle on the floor of your meeting room. With markers and crayons have the boys, as they arrive, color and personalize one outline representing themselves. The boys will be so busy talking to each other and showing their work, that they will be friends by the end of this activity. This is a great icebreaker. Make sure that you have the boys to show on their outline, their favorite activity (such as baseball or ball glove) and at least one favorite thing they like to do with their Tiger Cub Partner. Share the outlines during the Discovery session of your meeting. If possible, keep these and use for a wall decoration at your Blue and Gold.

Big Idea #16-Tell It Like It Is
Denver Area Council

Go visit a TV or News Station; go visit the post office; set up a visit with a ham radio operator and see if you can talk with someone around the world. Practice that Tiger Motto and Promise, make tin can telephones or even make your own personal telephone book. Learn Morse code and see if your Tigers can use the code to spell their name. Play the game Charades. Make a note for all of you Tigers written in Morse code like "collies and ice ream are in the kitchen go to there now" and see if they do what the code tells them.

Make your own simple code: 1=A; 2=B, 3=C, etc.

Heart of America Council

This big idea lets the boy learn some of the many ways people communicate with each other.

  1. Learn some sign language.
  2. Go on a field trip to the post office, newspaper office, TV or radio station.

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