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Detective Opening Ceremony
Trapper Trails Council

Personnel: Six Cub Scouts, Cubmaster, Equipment: Magnifying glass for each Cub, marbles
Set up: Cubs walk in bent over looking through magnifying glasses at the floor. They make their way to the front of the room and line up. Each Cub then repeats his lines. Cubmaster is outside of the room.

Cub #1: We're here to solve a mystery, we've come from far away.
Cub #2: It seems the meeting cannot start, the Chairman called to say.
Cub #3: The Cubmaster has gotten lost, his marbles he's left behind.
Cub #4: It's our only clue and so we'll search. Maybe another one we'll find.
Cub #5: Hey look you guys at this right here! A marble on the ground.
Cub #6: Get out your magnifying glass, I think he'll soon be found!
All - (Cubs bend over with the magnifying glasses and follow a marble trail out of the room picking them up as they go.)
All - (From outside of the room) We've found him! (The door opens and the Cubs come in with the Cubmaster.)
All Cubs: We've solved this case, but before we rest, know this: A Cub will always DO HIS BEST!"

Greater St. Louis Area Council

"Detective", wearing a trench coat, hat, etc., enters room and looks at audience.

I have gathered you together tonight to help solve a very important case. As the meeting progresses, I will be asking a few questions so that we can solve this case. And, by the way, no one is allowed to leave the room because you are all suspects. At this time, I would appreciate it if everyone would stand and give the Cub Scout Promise.

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