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Clues Closing Ceremony
Trapper Trails Council

1 - We look in the sky each morning for clues about the weather to tell us what to wear.
2 - We look at our friends' faces and bodies to find clues about how they are feeling.
3 - And we also look very carefully at the stew served at school, for clues as to its real identity.
4 - The animals and the birds, and insects give us clues in the outdoors.
5 - But most of all we like the clues we find to tell us the treat is almost ready to appear.

Look For The Best Cubmaster Minute
Trapper Trails Council

Detectives are trained to look for things that the average person might notice. They need to practice the skills they learn. They are always noticing the smallest details.
We can be detectives, too. We can start noticing the little things about people. The good things about them. The longer you practice looking for the good in people, the easier it becomes to find it. When you constantly look for the good in your parents, brothers, sisters, friends and neighbors the good things about you are easier for them to see. Another great thing that happens when you work at being a "good" detective is that you become happier! Finding the good in others makes us better people.

Greater St. Louis Area Council

"Detective" enters room and addresses the audience.

This was a difficult case to solve, but the clues are all around you. And I am proud to admit that the case is solved. Once you see these clues, you will understand. The fist clue was several boys and adults dressed in uniform. The second clue was the meaning of the animal tracks and the awards that were given. Then, of course, there were the songs, skits, and games that were played. Using my deductive reasoning skills I learned in Detective School, I concluded that the only crime committed here was anyone who did not have a good time.
At this time, you are all released from the investigation. Good night and thank you for your cooperation.

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