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The Case of the Missing Watson
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Sherlock Holmes The Game is afoot!
Dr. Watson Brilliant Holmes
Detective I Spy!
Investigate Elementary
Old Soldiers Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir!

Ever wonder how Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes got together? They were the best detective team that ever investigated anything. You remember all the stories Dr. Watson chronicled or wrote? Sherlock Holmes was a consulting detective and poor old Dr. Watson wrote stories about their investigations. The way I heard their story went something like this:

One foggy morning in old London town Sherlock Holmes went to the corner newsstand on Baker Street to investigate the news to see if there were any advertisements for jobs for a Consulting Detective. Well, low and behold! There was one that just jumped off the page, literally!! (That's a word use in literature). Anyway, somebody needed Sherlock Holmes to investigate the disappearance of a local Doctor.

Sherlock Holmes hurried 'round to the address listed in the paper to detect if there were possibilities to investigate this disappearing act done by a Dr. Watson. When he reached the structure he found that the ad had been placed by the landlady/housekeeper of an Old Soldiers' home. A really boring place, wherein resided a group of Old Soldiers from the Boer War. In chatting with the Old Soldiers there and the landlady/housekeeper he was really investigating the activities of Dr. Watson. From the information he got from the Old Soldiers and the landlady/housekeeper, Mrs. Jones-Ridley, he detected that investigating this case of the missing Dr. Watson could turn out to be the best chance for Sherlock Holmes to make a NAME for himself.

The game was now officially "afoot"; he put his foot on the sidewalk and started to do what a detective always does, put the pieces together. Sherlock Holmes had gathered all of this:

Item 1. Dr. Watson was an "Old Soldier".
Item 2. He lived in a very boring place with others from the Boer War.
Item 3. Not much went on there.
Item 4. Dr. Watson liked to tell stories, mostly about that war.
Item 5. Dr. Watson had run out of new stories and was very bored!

Elementary!! He shouted for all in the street to hear and Sherlock Holmes hailed a hansom cab (that's a horsedrawn taxicab in England). He called to the driver to take him to the nearest library to investigate the disappearance of Dr. Watson.

Upon reaching the library, Sherlock Holmes strolled through the bookcases called stacks to find Dr. Watson. The Old Soldier was trying to find new material to talk about at the Old Soldier home. The case was solved! The investigation was a success!! And Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were forever to be partners in solving mysteries and writing stories that you can read today.

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