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You Can't Write Tennessee
Heart of America Council

Players: 1 or more
Equipment: Chair, table, paper and pencil

Tell your friends that you'll give them a pencil and paper, nothing will be done to hamper their hands, they can sit at a table to write, but they still will not be able to write a simple word like Tennessee. Before you let the victims start, let them practice a little foot movement. They must not stop this movement for a second while they are writing. The movement is nothing but a simple circling of one foot under the table. Sit down on a chair and demonstrate the motion. Move your foot clockwise in a circle about as big as a plate. Then let your friend try it. As soon as they are sliding their feet around satisfactorily, have them try to write a designated word. No matter how hard they try they will not be able to write anything but strange -- looking hieroglyphics.

The secret is that it is difficult to keep two very different motions going at the same time. Your hands want to start making the same movement that your foot is making. However, if you practice you will be able to surprise your friends by writing any word they call out without stopping the motion of your foot for an instant.


Floating Egg
Heart of America Council

Measure 1/4 cup salt into a dish and set it aside. Tell the audience that it's "inner tube powder" which will make an egg float. Half fill a glass with water. Place an egg in it. It sinks. Take out the egg and stir in inner tube powder in the glass. Place the egg in it again and it will float.


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