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Cup and Bottle Relay
Viking Council

This is a very wet relay, so play it outside. Form two teams. Place a bucket of water and a cup at the head of each line. At the end of each line is a bottle. On signal, the first player dips his cup in the water and passes the cup down the line. The last player pours the water carefully into the bottle. Then he runs to the head of the line. Repeat until the bottle is filled to the line marked.

Cowboy Obstacle Race
Viking Council

The cowboys were always coming upon hazards as they rode the ranges. Make up a short obstacle course with the following stations. Write directions on a card for each station. Boys must read the card, then follow the directions. Make up more!

  1. Cowboys had to climb around tight places in the mountain. (A long board paced across three bricks.)
  2. Cowboys had to be careful when roping their steers. (Tie up a rope for the Cubs to jump over.)
  3. At night it was very chilly out on the range. (Stack pieces of firewood for teepee fire.)
  4. Branding cattle required a steady hand. (Balance a potato on a spoon and carry it a certain distance.)


Tablecloth Tiddly Winks
Viking Council

Put a red checkered tablecloth on the table. Cubs take turn with six tiddly winks. The object is to see how many land on the red squares. Remove only the ones on the red squares and repeat. Keep going in this manner until all land on the red.


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