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Seaside Opening

Trapper Trails Council

Personnel: Cub Scouts

Equipment: A beach bucket and shovel with empty squirt guns for each Cub and Den Leader

Set Up: The Cubs come in and line up carrying their buckets and shovels. The squirt guns are inside the buckets out of view of the audience. It would also add to the effect if the Cubs rolled up their pants legs (or wear shorts) and have bare feet. They could also pantomime actions.

Cub #1: Here at the beach there is so much to see! Look on the ocean is a sailboat!

Cub #2: Yeah! They're great. But the waves are really fun. I love to run into the water and let the waves push over me.

Cub #3: Do you know what I like? I think the seagulls are cool! They attack when you sit down to have lunch.

Cub #4: Yeah! But have you ever been able to find a starfish at the edge of the water. That's really cool!

Cub #5: Do you know what else is fun! Hunting for clams. They bury themselves in the sand and when you get close to getting them--they squirt!! (Cubs reach in their buckets and use their squirt guns to *squirt* the audience.


Daniel Webster Council

This opening is for use if you are having your pack event at a swimming facility.

Have all the boys stand around the edge of the shallow end of the pool or the side of the beach. On signal, they are to jump or wade into the water and make a circle in the pool.

Now that we are all together, please repeat the following pledge after me:"

"As a Cub Scout:

I promise to be careful in the water

I will observe water safety rules at all times,

When I am with a group around water I will encourage others to do the same. Please join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.


The way I see it, if you want the rainbow,
You gotta put up with the rain.

Dolly Parton


Seas Adventures

Gulf Coat Council
(can be used as closing also)

S - is for SCOUTING, a well rounded activity.
E - is for EACH Cub Scout doing his best all the time.
A - is for AWARENESS of our duty to God and Country.

A - is for ALL people working together.
D - is for DEPENDABLE, which we always are.
V - is for VIGOROUS, what we are at work or play.
E -is for the EXCITEMENT of our activities.
N - is for our NATION, of which we are all proud.
T - is for THOUGHTFUL, which a Cub Scout strives to be.
U - is for UNITED, as we all work and play.
R - is for RECOGNITION, for jobs well done.
E - is for the ENTHUSIASM we have for our daily good turns.
S - is for SERVICE to our community.

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