December Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 4
Tiger Big Ideas 7 & 8

What Do You Do at Holiday Time (Webelos Craftsman & Citizen)




Heart of America Council

Good citizenship is emphasized throughout Scouting. Being a good citizen means helping other people, knowing the history of our country, appreciating the contributions and sacrifices of others who have made our country better, knowing our public officials, understanding how our government works, obeying the laws, and doing things that will benefit the community.

Den Activities/Field Trips

  • Buy a pack of U.S. commemorative stamps. Pass out several to each Webelos and challenge them to discover the story behind the stamp.
  • Plan and carry out a citizenship project or litter campaign, complete with posters, etc.
  • Visit a city council meeting, police station, etc.
  • Discuss the various organizations in your community which help people. How are they financed and run? Do they use volunteer help? Visit one of these organizations.
  • Discuss ways boys can be good citizens. Let them make lists of things they will try to do regularly.
  • Observe voting process.
  • Invite a "new" citizen to talk to boys and tell what becoming an American means to them.

Cub Scout Uniform
Heart of America Council

Materials: Denner out of uniform

When preparing for the uniform inspection have the Webelos tell what is wrong with the Denner.

  • Cap on backwards
  • Wearing den chief cord
  • Service star on neckerchief
  • Neckerchief twisted into a roll
  • Neckerchief tied around neck
  • One sleeve rolled up
  • Button unbuttoned
  • Pocket turned inside out

(Be sure to have fun with this. I've seen something similar and the scouter was wearing fuzzy bear slippers, coat was on backwards, etc. Baloo)

Citizen Work Book
Heart of America Council

  1. Who is the President of the United States?
  2. Who is the Vice-President of the United States?
  3. Who is the Governor of (Your State)?
  4. Who is the Mayor of the City in which you live?
  5. Who are the Senators representing (Your State) in Washington?
  6. List three natural resources of the United States.
  7. How can you help save these natural resources?
  8. Why should we help save our natural resources?
  9. Why was the Constitution of the United States written?
  10. The Bill of Rights lists certain freedoms and rights enjoyed by all citizens of the United States. List five of these rights.

Citizen Knowledge
Heart of America

1. The first words of the Declaration of Independence are:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident"

"We, the People of the United States"

"When in the course of human events"

"Four score and seven years ago"

2. The first draft of the Declaration of Independence was written by:

John Hancock
Button Gwinnett

George Washington
Thomas Jefferson

3. The Constitution of the United States was signed in what year?


4. What is the minimum age for a President of the United States, and in what document is this stated?

5. Which amendment to the Constitution

provided for the abolition of slavery?

Tenth Amendment
Thirteenth Amendment

Third Amendment
Sixteenth Amendment

6. A senator serves a term of:

Six years
Two years
Four years
Eight years

7. What is the maximum number of years a President may serve?

8. Which amendment to the Constitution guarantees freedom of speech?

Fourteenth Amendment.
First Amendment
Twenty-ninth Amendment
Fifth Amendment

9. What legislative body has the sole power to impeach a President?

10. Who takes over in the event of death of the President?


1. "When in the course of human events"

2. Thomas Jefferson

3. 1787

4. Age 35, as stated in the Constitution

5. Thirteenth

6. Six years

7. Ten years (two terms plus the remainder of a predecessor's term if 2 years or less)

8. First Amendment

9. House of Representatives

10. Vice President

Liberty Bell Slide
Heart of America Council

Materials: Thin wood, copper colored paint, ring for back, PVC, cut thinly

Trace this liberty bell pattern onto cardboard, cut out and use to make shapes on wood.

Have boys cut wood. Sand and paint with the copper colored paint. Make the simulated crack with a fine-tipped black marker. Attach ring to rear of slide.

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